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Hauntings: What are 'Intelligent Spirits'?

Intelligent Ghosts Interact with You
Intelligent Ghosts Interact with You
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Most of us make the assumption that ghosts and spirits are evil beings that haunt a location to frighten or harm us. Although this may be true of the inhuman spirit, it is generally not true of the intelligent haunt. In this type of haunting, the spirit has a purpose that is probably unrelated to you, although they may be seeking your help to solve their own issues. The intelligent spirit is aware of your presence and usually attempts to communicate with you in some way.

Intelligent spirits are believed to be the energy of a person who died unexpectedly or traumatically. Some paranormal experts believe that this kind of spirit does not know that it is dead and is simply continuing with life as unusual. Others believe the ghost has somehow been trapped between two planes of existence and is unable to move on. Still others believe an intelligent spirit has chosen not to pass on to the realm of spirits because it has strong emotional ties to this world.

Whatever their reason for lingering, intelligent spirits retain the personality and attitude of the person who has passed away. Just a people vary greatly in their personalities and attitudes, the same is true of intelligent spirits. An angry person will leave behind an angry ghost. The spirit of a lively, playful individual will remain lively and playful.

Intelligent spirits are most active between the hours of 11:00 pm and 4:00 am, the darkest hours of the night. It is believed that intelligent spirits do not have enough energy to manifest during daylight hours. Even during the darkest times, these spirits may not be able to manifest as a full bodied apparition. There are many reports of cold spots when an intelligent spirit is present. Theories are that the spirit is using the energy from its environment to manifest. Many paranormal investigators report batteries being drained and electronic equipment malfunctioning during an investigation. It is believed that the spirit uses this energy in an attempt to manifest itself.

Intelligent spirits have the ability to communicate in meaningful ways with the living, and may respond to your actions in either a positive or a negative way. The spirit may communicate via audible voices. Voices are more likely to be captured on a recording device. This voice recording is called an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) which is only heard when the tape is replayed.

Intelligent spirits may also communicate audibly without the aid of a recording devise. Paranormal investigators may find success in asking the spirit to give a sign of their presence by moving an object or making a sound. Intelligent ghosts may move objects and create noises in response to your presence.

Generally intelligent ghosts can not move objects weighing more than 10 pounds. If large objects are being moved around or hurled through the air, it is more likely to be the result of a Poltergeist or an Inhuman Spirit.

It is believed that some intelligent spirits are simply looking for assistance in passing on the next realm of existence. Others, who do not realize they are dead, may think you have invaded their home and be trying to frighten you into leaving or may simply be annoyed that you have invaded their space. Still others may have unresolved issues that need to be resolved before they are free to pass on.

Whatever their reason, you may find the spirit's presence has an unsettling affect on your home. The best course of action for getting rid of the intelligent spirit is to politely and firmly tell the spirit that they have died and it is time for them to move on.

Some have taken the time to research the house and try to assist the spirit in resolving old issues; such as, assuring the spirit that the death of a child was an accident and that no one blames them, or that their children are indeed safe and happy now. This knowledge may be enough to resolve the issue and allow the spirit to move on.

Others have had success with telling the spirit it may stay, if it chooses, but that they want the spirit to leave them alone. You may choose a combination of these techniques to find what works for you.

Because the intelligent ghost is actually the spirit of the person who passed away, there is little to be gained by a psychic cleansing or an exorcism by the clergy.

If you are unsure of the type of haunting you may be experiencing, check my other articles on specific hauntings for a description and suggestions for ridding the ghost from your home.

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