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Haunting video of young girl asks what if Syria’s civil war came to the West

A chilling new viral video is bringing Syria’s sectarian war home – literally. The powerful video shows what Syria’s war might look like if the uprisings, armed conflicts and violence were brought to the Western world, to the UK for instance.
Save the Children

According to, the video was created by international advocacy group Save the Children. Entitled This is What War Does to Children, the video has been viewed over 10 million times.

The disturbing 94-second video features clips of the young girl as she goes about life over the course of one year – birthday to birthday. Video clips of her celebrating her birthday, trying on makeup, playing at the park, riding her bike and snuggling in her bed with her favorite stuffed animal devolve into frightening images of power outages, martial law, bombings, persecutions, sickness, food rationing and prison camps.

She is left ravaged by war, staring vacantly at us as her mum makes a feeble attempt at a birthday cake wish.

The message we see at the end:

Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening

“We wanted to show the horror of war for children whose worlds have collapsed,” Save the Children’s deputy director of media Helen Costello told “We hope for those who don't know that much about the situation in Syria, it will be an eye opener. Most people who've viewed it have told us it's helped them see how children could so easily have their lives torn apart.”

According to, “the video marks the third anniversary of the conflict in Syria, in which over 10,000 children have died and over 2 million have become refugees.”

The internal conflict in Syria began in early 2011. To date, over 130,000 people have been killed. In September 2013, the UN reported that more than 6.5 million Syrian refugees have been displaced from their homeland by wars, hardships and violence.

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