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Haunting in Connecticut actor experiences paranormal in real life

Chad Michael Murray claims his British home is haunted with some very spooky paranormal events.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia came to theaters in February 2013.
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First known for his role as a teen in One Tree Hill and more recently as a prison guard in The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, Murray said his real-life haunting is much scarier than any movie set. The 32-year-old told the Metro British newspaper that while a friend was visiting and both had gone to bed, he heard “stomping around coming from upstairs.” When he woke his buddy and they looked around, they found nothing out of the ordinary and no one else in the house.

“Then it started again – feet running across the floor and drawers slamming.”

His friend seriously thought someone must be there so they checked all the closets but still found no one. When they went back downstairs, “the noise started again – followed by a weird howling.” He said, “My friend’s face went white and his hair went up on end.”

Another friend visited the following night and they attempted to recreate the noises in what was an empty room and the actor said, “it was what we’d heard.”

Murray is slated to begin filming of a sci-fi movie soon entitled Left Behind in which millions of people suddenly disappear. No matter how weird that movie might be for him, nothing could match his recent frightening experiences.

Source: Chad Michael Murray: My house is haunted

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