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Haunted Wisconsin: The legend of Kate Blood

Gravestone of Kate Blood
Gravestone of Kate Blood

If you live in the Appleton area then you might have heard about this urban legend. First Kate Blood was born in 1851 and died in 1874 according to her gravestone. Also according to her gravestone she was married to George M. Miller. As legend tells us, she murdered her husband and her three kids. After that she killed herself.

Legend also states that during full moon nights one can see blood coming from her gravestone. Others even state that it doesn't even have to be a full moon for one to see blood run down the gravestone, it can happen anytime. So that's basically the urban legend. Her gravestone is located in the Appleton area at the Riverside Cemetery.

In the legend it has a setting of a cemetery, a tragic murder, followed by a suicide, and it ends with a a gravestone that is possessed, the workings of a good story. Of course it is all legend, her husband actually lived longer than her, he died in 1916 (as it said on the stone). It's probably her name that makes people think that she was a murderer and the reasoning on why her gravestone bleeds. For many it's a freaky urban legend, others probably do find some belief in it. Maybe her ghost could be haunting the cemetery, but there is no proof that she was a killer.

So for those who are curious may want to visit Kate Blood's gravesite and see if they can feel or see anything strange happen. It's a high doubt, but urban legends make good horror stories. It's also a good end of the summer trip for those who like to do a little paranormal traveling and love a good a urban legend. Though always remember to be respectful with the cemetery rules and be respectful to Mrs. Blood's burial.


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