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Haunted Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg hotel hosts a friendly ghost

When you visit The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club, cast your eyes to beautiful Tampa Bay outside your window and then keep watch on what happens inside the hotel.

The Vinoy is haunted, or is it?
Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg

After all, as most of the privileged parties who have stayed here know, this Florida-based hotel is amazing. It's also awesome and it's also haunted. Or so the story goes.

In particular, it's the fifth floor of the seven-story hotel that contains a resident ghost. According to Deborah Frethem, author of Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas County, it is in this location where a female spirit "... floats through the hallways...."

Afraid of ghosts, even those of the friendly variety? Then steer clear of the fifth floor but do book in at this prime property if you want to be pampered in the best way. In fact, consider the accommodations Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez once shared. That would be one of a pair of presidential suites that sell for close to two grand a night.

These Vinoy digs are to die for (pardon the pun). They're equipped with private elevators, groovy adornments like shag pillows and a sort of steampunk atmosphere where antiques meet modern decor. All of this is perfect for anyone wanting to be pampered, including a president of any sort.

In fact, one of the presidents who led the United States at one time stayed at this storied property. That would be Calvin Coolidge whose claim to fame in this instance is that this understated leader preferred to dine in the staff cafeteria.

Other notables who enjoy The Vinoy, now a Marriott hotel, include Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods and Harrison Ford.

And so, as Halloween is on the mind (and even when the holiday isn't), the allegedly haunted Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg hotel hosts a friendly ghost and plenty of prominent people who are undead as well.

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