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Haunted Twelve Oaks Plantation: Auction without ghosts

Hundreds of historians, antique collectors and paranormal enthusiasts spent time recently inspecting the many items that are gong up for auction at the Twelve Oaks Plantation in Gautier, Mississippi. This historical home is currently in foreclosure and an auction company is selling off its antique contents, including statues, paintings and furniture. The home is currently listed for sale with a price tag of $725,000.

Charlotte Harris Barial, whose mother Kathryn Richo Harris worked for the previous owners Wallace and Augusta Quinn, told that she would to visit the plantation regularly during the summer months. She said she saw that the property was up for sale and just had to visit it one last time.

“I’d come down in summers and play with their grandchildren,” Barrial said in a report posted on on July 16, 2014. “It was awesome. We’d have so much fun because we could just get lost in the house.”

It has been rumored that the Twelve Oaks Plantation has ghostly spirits roaming the halls and taking up residence in the many rooms of the home. However, auction goers did not see any of these spirits during their tours and experience within the home. Maybe it was the heavy crowds that kept these ghosts at bay, or maybe they too have moved on like the many previous owners of the plantation have.

Even though the ghosts may not have appeared during the auction tour featuring more than 290 items, guests took time out of their day to sit out on the wrap-around porch and share their own ghost stories.

The auction is currently running online and bidding will end on July 24, 2014. All items must be picked up by auction winners on July 26-27, 2014. To see all of the items up for auction, visit the website for Taylor Auction by clicking here.

Because it has been reported that items can also be haunted, you too may be able to experience one of the ghosts of Twelve Oaks Plantation in your own home. It all depends upon which items you win during the auction.

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