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Haunted Room

I am a Preschool Teacher at a childcare center, and sometimes I work in the younger children rooms. Last week a new room opened up, and Friday was my first time being in the room. The minute I stepped in the room I had an on edge feeling. I could not explain it. At first, I thought it was the stress between teachers and children, but something happened to prove my feeling was right.

After 20 minutes being in the room, it was lunch time for the toddlers. So I sat down at the table with the children and the other teacher. The children were eating and not playing around, just sitting. About 10 minutes after, one the children's chair went back at a rapid speed. Me and the other teacher just looked at each other, and said what just happened? The child was not even playing on the chair, it was like some force just threw it down. Of course, I got up and got the child to calm him down and make sure he was OK. Luckily there were no bumps, and he was fine. I was so nervous as I was writing the accident report the whole time I was questioning what just happened. I kept asking the other teacher, what should I put? I mean literally there was no reason that chair fell. She explained it as, it was like the chair just launched back.

Anyway, I was talking with another teacher telling her what happened, because she was in the next room and heard all the commotion. She told me the place is haunted. Other teachers and her have known for awhile. There are a lot of times the infants will be playing and they will all just stop, and look in a corner, and then start waving with a smile. None of the teachers know what they are waving at, because there is no one there. I myself have been in rooms and things go flying off the shelves, and none of the teachers or children are near there. The teachers will say, it is the spirits again.

What is unsettling to me about this particular situation is, why would a something want to hurt a child? I mean spirits can be anywhere, but why cause a child harm. Also, here is the other interesting part of this, these spirits only seem to be the younger children rooms, such as toddlers, and infants. Not really in the preschool rooms.

I will be writing more on this.

Cheryl A Nocera