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Haunted Lafayette is a book of the paranormal and mystery

Haunted Lafayette is a book that will take you on a journey of multiple stories about ghosts, the paranormal and bodily possession. Dorothy Salvo Davis and W.C. Madden have gathered stories from many Lafayette and West Lafayette residents that have encountered the paranormal. Haunted Lafayette not only has tales of the paranormal in the Lafayette and West Lafayette area, but it includes stories from surrounding areas.

These are encounters that have happen to real residents and spans across time. After reading this book you will find yourself driving past the different locations mentioned within the book and wondering if you will have the same paranormal experience.

The Greenbush Cemetery is a location for one of the encounters that happened to multiple people at different time intervals. After reading the story, your curiosity will be peaked and you may find yourself going there to explore.

Read about how Emilia Earhart’s ghost resides on the Purdue University campus and the encounters people have had with her. John Purdue, founder of Purdue University, ghost has been spotted on the Purdue campus. Purdue students have encountered a ghost of a man who was involved in a murder in the late 1800’s.

A tomahawk purchased on Ebay and used as a mantel display comes with an entity that causes paranormal activity for a family. These stories take place where you live, making it a personal experience for you.

Davis and Madden have captured the essence of spooksville in these tales of haunted ventures by ordinary people. Enjoy this highly interesting book and learn a little bit of the hidden history of Lafayette, West Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

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