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Haunted Dolls for Sale

There are some websites that sell Haunted dolls. The sites include a wide selection of old or currently made dolls that hold a spirit. The seller claims that the spirit leaped into the doll shortly after they died. The ages of these spirits rang from infants to 16 year old children.

Most of the sellers will list the story of the spirit and the age. The buyer can also hear about what the spirit likes to do within the home as well. Some examples are flickering lights, slamming doors, talking, the doll migrating throughout the house, stuff disappearing, or full body apparitions.

A young spirit, say of the age of two years old, can be noted that they need a mother figure and love women and following them around. There are numerous places that sell dolls that are holding spirits within them. The question is, is this okay? Or is the selling of spirits wrong?

There have been numerous ghost shows that say this is wrong. Someone should not sell a human being for the novelty of others. The spirits that are trapped need to be set free.

Of course some disagree and think that the owning of a spirit and taking care of that spirit is completely fine. Who knows, the buyer could be giving that child the love that they need to pass on.

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