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Haunted Destinations: Major Graham Mansion

Major Graham Mansion
Major Graham Mansion

Experience a piece of history in Max Meadows Virginia by visiting Major Graham Mansion. With the structure dating back to the 1800s, it is not only known for the history but also for the paranormal activity. This location has been visited by local paranormal groups as well as the popular T.AP.S.’ ghost hunters.

This landmark has proven it is active with numerous accounts from visitors and paranormal investigators. Visitors have reported tugging of clothing along with other physical contact such as playing with hair and face. Disembodied footsteps are heard throughout the halls and rooms as if history is deciding to still play a role in today’s present. Some of the haunting may be residual; meaning that it replays back like a broken record of time. However, there are many accounts of intelligent haunting (a spirit that shows signs of intelligence) with use of KII meters, digital recordings of disembodied voices and other paranormal research equipment.

As of today, it is unsure if Major Graham Mansion is hosting historic tours. However, the mansion has shown many residents both local and distant just how active it can be. Visit for more history and accounts of paranormal activity.