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Haunted Destinations: Avenel

Haunted Avenel
Haunted Avenel

About an hour and a half from Charlottesville Virginia, is the small town of Bedford. Named after John Russell, the Fourth Duke of Bedford, this location holds a historic gem called Avenel. Today it is used for community events and is a beautiful rental location for weddings and other social gatherings. Additionally, mysterious sightings and sounds have been reported attracting local paranormal groups to investigate.

The main reporting and sighting is of a lady in white. She has been seen roaming the halls and peering down at visitors. Who she is and why she still stays at Avenel is still a mystery. Disembodied voices have been recorded as well. However, there are multiple spirits that still make home at Avenel. These spirits consist of former slaves, plantation owners and more. Further investigations will bring more evidence to tie who these spirits are and their stories.

The small town of Bedford in Virginia holds fine dining, great shopping and tons of history. Avenel, known for their resident “Lady in White”, stands as a paranormal hotspot for local investigative teams. For information on tours and more visit

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