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Haunted Dental Offices and Dentist Ghosts

It is creepy enough for some people to go to the dentist. Some dental offices are actually haunted. Here are seven haunted locations in the United States that have dental connections:

1. One of the most famous is Dr. Grime's dental practice in Huntington, Virginia. A TV show called The Dead Files even filmed an episode there. Patients, the dentist and other staff have seen young female the ghost in the office.

2. The ghost of a dead dentist supposedly haunts an office at 1420 King Street in Hampton, Virginia. It even garnered a listing in Haunted Places: The National Directory by Dennis William Hauck.

3. There is a candy shop in Independence, Missouri that used to be a dental office. People are said to hear a dentist still drilling teeth there.

4. The George Eastman Dental Dispensary is said to be haunted and was investigated by a paranormal team. It is located at: 800 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14607. They also use it as an actual haunted house during Halloween. A statement was made that many patients died there due to less than standard treatment over the years.

5. East Bend, North Carolina - Michael Renegar said one of his earliest encounters with ghosts happened at Kitchen Roselli’s building. A local woman named Rosebud Garrett ran a dental practice in the upstairs office. She passed away when Renegar was 11. Sometime after his 12th birthday Renegar was riding his bicycle by the building when he looked up to the upstairs window. He saw Garrett and waved without thinking. After seeing the dead dentist in the window his interest in ghosts started. He has written three books on the topic.

6. Adamos Aldrin dentistry, 219 Division St. Pleasanton, California. A ghost has been said to bring in the mail and before the office opens and a front door creaks open and closes among other events in this older building.

7. At 714 St. Peter Street in New Orleans a dentist named Dr. Deschamps was said to have had his practice there in the 1850's. The story passed down was that Dr. Deschamps overdosed a patient on chloroform. Apparitions of both the dentist and his victim have been seen there.

A few other haunted places have had dental offices in them. They are haunted but also served as many other businesses in the same location and nothing paranormal has been attributed to a dentist or dentistry at these locations.


If your dental office is haunted or you know of a dead dentist or other dental personnel that are haunting a location please email me:

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