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Haunted campgrounds

Author copyright, 2009

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which gives many people an opportunity to go camping on the spookiest day of the year! Around the country, many campgrounds are having staged "hauntings" for the campers, kind of like an outdoor haunted house.

Some campgrounds, however, have stories of hauntings in their own right. Around the country, stories of haunted campgrounds are told from person to person. If you visit one of these, send a note about your experiences for a compilation of haunted camp stories to be published here in an upcoming article!

Outdoor World Campground in Manheim, PA and Scotrun, PA:  According to Donna H., there have been a number of anomalies at these campgrounds. She reports strange photographs, voices, footsteps in cabins and more. Go check it out and be the judge.

Lewis Stringer, Kern Plateau in the Golden Trout Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, CA: There have been many different stories of a haunting at this particular campsite. This link leads to a small but more succinct description of the campsite. Many blogs and personal stories allude to an entity at the campsite.

Holy Ghost Campground, Santa Fe National Forest:  The canyon that this campground is located in is reported to be haunted by a priest who was killed in the late 1600's. Halloween should be a good time to experience such things!

For hauntings of a more staged nature, check out these outdoor haunted 'houses'.

The Campground Massacre in Charlotte, NC (area): Reputed to be extremely intense and a fantastic fright, campers at the KOA get a $4.00 discount and always go to the front of the line.

Abram's Creek Campground east of Mt. Storm, WV: They are having a Halloween party and then some on the weekend of Halloween!

Whether your Halloween campsite is haunted or not, be sure to tell plenty of ghost stories and wander around in the dark a bit for some extra creepiness. You never know what happens on Halloween.....


  • Caroline Quintanilla 5 years ago

    What a fun idea (the staged hauntings, anyway) Thanks for the article.

    Caroline Quintanilla
    Big Bear Events Examiner

  • Willi Gutmann 5 years ago

    We'll have to keep that mind for the Michigan based outdoor group
    SOLAR - School Outdoor Leadership Adventure Recreation