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Hatfield and McCoys Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is home to many, many attractions suitable for family entertainment. One of those attractions is the Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Theater. Themed on the famous family feud, this show is a great family fun value.

Once you pull into the parking lot you are greeted by a couple of characters sporting bib overalls and slouch hats. They will offer valet service with no "gar-un-tee" as to where they will park your car. Before you even leave your car the humor begins!

The outside of the large rustic building is dotted with some hilarious sight gags. Don't miss the gravestones, clothes line or the two-hole outhouse. There are several farm animals near the entrance. Kids will enjoy looking at the chickens and goats before you enter the facility.

The large auditorium is divided into two sections. You will be seated either on the Hatfield side or the McCoy side. All of the seats provide a great view of the large stage. One nice feature is that tables for two are available for couples. Of course tables for four and larger groups are also featured.

The fun begins once you are seated. The staff starts to establish the good natured "animosity" between the two sides of the auditorium. Then you are served with a great home-style meal. Fried chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob, cornbread and other fare will fill you up. Vegetarian meals can be requested. Moonshine cocktails are also available in mason jars.

The show then begins. It is filled with great comedy, including some hilarious lines and sight gags. The audience in encouraged to hoot and holler and join in on the fun. There is a plot, sort of, that runs throughout the show. The characters are just that: Real characters! Ma McCoy is a hoot.

The singing and dancing is lively and professionally presented. The young folks in the cast will have you clapping your hands and tapping your feet.

The bluegrass music is some of the best you will ever hear. The banjo player at the show we attended was an award winning musician. He could sure pick a five string! You will love hearing some of the classic numbers like 'Cotton-eyed Joe' and 'Fox on the Run'.

Check this show out when you are in Pigeon Forge. You will not be disappointed. The theater is located at 119 Music Road in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Check their website for details, show times and rates.

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