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Hatemongers to Sean Hannity over Gaza tunnel pics: Kill yourself

Hatemongers suggest Sean Hannity kill himself for tweeting picture of tunnel.
Hatemongers suggest Sean Hannity kill himself for tweeting picture of tunnel.
Twitter/Sean Hannity

In February 2011, we first noted that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. On just about any given day, liberals prove that assertion correct. After tweeting a picture of himself inside one of the tunnels used by Hamas to attack Israel on Monday, the liberal pro-Hamas hate brigade came out in full force to attack Fox News' Sean Hannity, with a number of hatemongers wishing death on the conservative talk show host.

"Pathetic. Sean you are disgrace to America," one person said in response. "You are all that is wrong with this country."

"There he is!" another person said. "The poster boy for Inhumanity, Hannity dances on the grave of American Morality."

"Hannity is a religious extremist," another Twitter user said. "Of course he's a Messianic Zionist shill."

Twitchy said Hannity has been sharing photos of his trip to Israel, where, the Twitchy staff added, he's learning about the conflict first-hand and meeting some of the Israeli soldiers. A number of people, however, didn't care for his efforts and expressed themselves on Twitter, often with profane hate and death wishes.

"Too bad that tunnel didn't collapse with Hannity in it," one person wrote in one of the few death wishes fit to print here. A number of other Twitter users also hoped the tunnel would collapse, killing Hannity.

One person called Hannity a "modern day Hitler," while another called him an "apologist for murderers." One Twitter user falsely claimed Hannity is a "senseless pig who doesn't care about human life at all."

Others demanded Hannity kill himself for tweeting the picture. One person suggested he be killed in a crossfire between Israelis and Hamas militants.

This kind of hate has become the norm for far too many on the left, who seem to use any excuse to issue death wishes or other hateful messages. As we reported last Monday, Hamas supporters threatened to kill a Jewish reporter in Miami. Jewish students in Chicago were also targeted with anti-Semitic hate, and Jews in Chicago were threatened with death if Israel did not pull out of Gaza. Other journalists have also been threatened with death after reporting that Hamas uses human shields.

Hannity, however, appears unfazed by the hate. On Monday, he broadcast his daily program live from Tel Aviv.

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