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Hate Spews Forth in Overland Park With Tragic Consequences

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Sunday, which is normally a melancholy and peaceful day for church, friends and family, in most environs. But Johnson Counties suburban-neat environs was dashed to smithereens. In Overland Park, Kansas April 13, 2014, a little after 1p.m an anti-Semitic hate mongerer, known as Frazier Glenn Miller AKA Glenn Frazier Cross killed 3 people.. He implemented his vile, delusional and premeditated plan upon unsuspecting Johnson Countians at JCC's White Theater area, where innocent singing auditions and theater-goers were arriving. As he pulled his shotgun/handguns out, upon unsuspecting Jewish Community members and sprayed bullets randomly in the parking lot, at cars, facilities and human beings; he killed within moments of each other exiting their truck, a grandfather (Dr.William Lewis Coporon) and his 14year old singing protege grandson(Reat Underwood), who was an incoming freshman in Blue Valley School District, who came to compete.

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It didn't stop at just JCC parking area this former para-military 73 year old man, went to Village Shalom, a short distance away and shot at others in their parking lot, but killed a Catholic mother, getting ready to go visit her mother, in this suburban assisted-living center This high school dropout concocted some of his deranged, racially-twisted, anti-Semitic views, living life as a former Ku Klux Klan Founder and White Patriot Party Supremacist leader, in South Carolina. But he brought to life his delusional vitriol rhetoric, from decades of race-baiting, with deadly and fatal results on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

Glenn Frazier Cross now a bitter 73 year old hardened racist, was arrested at 1:28 p.m. at Village Shalom. He was initially held by the Overland Park Police on a litany of charges, including a premeditated 1st degree murder indictment. Also, Overland Park police Chief John Douglas said, " apparently he(Frazier) didn't know any of his random victims, either." A joint legal task force from federal-state was assimilated, involving the offices of U.S Attorney Barry Grissom and Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe.

I have included in the links below self-actuating "local/national news" links for anyone to click-on and the majority of the time will be brought up-to-date on each days activities going forward, from the various linked news organizations websites. So check back on these links daily "early and often' to be kept apprised of the legal wranglings this case is sure to provide, for sometime to come. Plus, I will update you with more "insider" articles because Blackberry Castle Productions/Photography, inc. has been teaching other precocious proteges that are advanced in videography/photography at the Jewish Community Campus this semester. You can find out more by just reading these bylines in the coming days.

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