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Hate Hurts The Hater

If you live in Eugene, Oregon and have hatred in your heart, just realize this hatred hurts the hater. There are times when the person whom you hate will never even know the feelings you have toward that person.

Health and happiness depend on all that occurs to us in our environment. That includes the thoughts of others, the actions in our lives and the response we deal with also.

In the event you have not dealt with the hatred around the holidays, now, the beginning of a new year, you have another chance. A new beginning anytime is just the right time to allow your heart to be relieved of hate. Not that you actually have to approach an unapproachable person whom you have hatred for, but just face it by yourself.

Self talk and writing down some strong, terrible feelings you have for another person never have to be told to that person. There are times when it is dangerous for that to be done. Other times the person is dead so you are not able to express your hatred anyway.

Once you compile your words in a verbal statement; consider the job done. If you prefer to write those feelings down, do so and then burn that or erase it somehow so no permanent record is left.

You have now removed the hatred in you so that hatred can no longer affect your health and remain in you to hurt you anymore.

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