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Hatching-Tide; a spring event worthy of your fantasy...

Hatching-Tide; an Easter/spring in the Final Fantasy XIV
Hatching-Tide; an Easter/spring in the Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix & Final Fantasy XIV; a realm reborn

The coming of Hatching-tide has been announced as of today, and the celebration is set to begin April 9, 2014 lasting until the 22nd. Just as its name might suggest to some, players of Final Fantasy XIV will be hunting eggs in this; their traditional Easter/spring themed event. While not a lot of details are shared regarding what all this event and the quests it brings might entail, the official announcement and details offered therein can be found here.

Final Fantasy XIV has been working non-stop to bring their players and fans not only a steady stream of updates, fixes, and seasonal events such as this one; but has recently seen one of their largest updates applied since going live. An update so comprised of quests, items, and ultimately overall additions to their already astounding game, this event might seem small fries compared to the 'super-size' that update comprised. Still true to their objectives the developers have not only brought countless additions and changes that have overall improved this game, but even taken the time to have this event lined up and ready to rollout as well.

While countless competitors on the MMORPG scene may promise the sky, the moon, and transitional phases of as much, Final Fantasy players continue to play their game satisfied to find all of these offerings and more awaiting them in the realm of Eorzea. Though there are always means of improving upon the offerings any game may provide, rest assured the teams working to deliver this MMO and all it has to intrigue and sustain their players, has never given way to any potential speed bumps in their momentum. Certainly the fact that this game has survived as a subscription based title has something to do with this, but of those that have taken the time to actually play this title through very few have felt their investment of time and money to have been a loss.

Spring arrives and with it not only has Final Fantasy XIV matured to a version of 2.2 but has also continued to fulfill promises they've made, expand and entertain with their fiction and questlines, additional content, and all the while still staying true to the traditional Final Fantasy genre and what their fans have come to expect of it. While other titles out there may hit the ground running, only to dash right off a cliff, this title has continued its evolution so to a point that even if that cliff lay ahead players rest assured that Square Enix will have wings on the ready to take flight rather than fall.