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Haster to release its full-length Alternative Metal game-changer ‘Let It Go’

Haster, the award-winning, Alternative Metal group from Orange County, CA, is excited to be throwing down its soon-to-be-released, full-length album, “Let It Go.” It’s scheduled to be released on March, 25, 2014. If you’re instantly curious about the group’s sound—as many are, you can check out the group’s video, "Crutch," and/or their 2011 EP release, “Searching,” which is also available on i-tunes. Better yet, you can also get to know the group by visiting them on Facebook and/or Reverbnation.

Haster's "Let It Go" album cover
Haster's "Let It Go" album cover
David Heida/Haster
Haster is excited to throw down its refined version of Alternative Metal, through its soon-to-be-released full-length album 'Let It Go.'
David Heida/Haster

So what does this mean for Charlotte’s music scene..? Hopefully, it means a not-too-far-off appearance from this game-changing, Alternative Metal crew, as they continue to pave the path with their unique, Alternative Metal sound. Before getting too far ahead, though, let’s see what Haster is all about:

Formed in 2010, Haster is an unsigned group, commanded by five dignified musicians. This includes Jarret Stockmar on vocals, David Heida on lead guitar, Patrick Nolan on Rhythm guitar, Bob McCool on bass, and Brian Tew on drums.

When asked about the group’s distinctive sound, David Heida, of Haster, went on to say: “We are HUGE Tool fans, but we’re also inspired by a ton of bands…Our sound comes from bands like: Chevelle, Korn, Stone Sour, Slipknot, SOAD, and Breaking Ben…However, we all listen to so much different music that the new album 'Let It Go' is shaped around…”

When asked about the group’s long and short-term goals, Heida said: “We want to get our music out to everyone and tour, as much as we can…We’ve been trying to get out of normal markets, while hitting up venues we haven’t, before…” Heida also said, with expected laughter: “As with most groups, we would love to quit our day jobs…I think that’s everyone’s dream…I think if we can make a living playing music... That would be good enough for us..!”

As mentioned, Haster is currently an unsigned, indie artist. When asked about that status, Heida went on to say: “We have some small labels talking to us—but nothing in stone…At this stage in the game, we really like being an indie artist—doing everything ourselves, at our own pace…When you're signed, you have too many people demanding you to create art, or to do things you don’t want to do…Right now, we enjoy what we're doing and want to see how far that takes us…” Can you blame them..? More importantly, one who enjoys Metal and Rock—in Charlotte; in Orange County; or anywhere, for that matter, can’t help but want to see Haster succeed in their quest and to get that well-needed break!

Well, from Charlotte’s music scene to Orange County’s, let’s see what we can do to make that happen. With that in mind, get online, and check out Haster! Enough interest from the east coast and other markets is a sure way to help! Stay tuned for more album release information on Haster.