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Hassan’s speech: Expand government, increase taxes, and hurt NH women

Hassan wants economy to grow but it won't with her ideas
Hassan wants economy to grow but it won't with her ideas
Nashua Telegraph

Governor Hassan gave her ‘State of the State’ speech today and it wasn’t quite the speech Granite Staters needed to hear. Hassan touted lies about the ‘Wage Gap’ and Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion and continued her push for ill-conceived casinos in which the state will be picking ‘winner and losers’ rather than letting the ‘free market’ choose. She also pushed the state monitoring of private citizens by watching what prescriptions they take. Hassan also touted the minimum wage law that will necessarily hurt low-income workers as has been proven over and over again in historical research. As usual, she jumped on the gun control bandwagon even though there is no gun crime issue in New Hampshire.

Before Hassan even spoke, it was announced that a 'bi-partisan' deal had come from the Senate about Medicaid Expansion. No matter what Republicans or Democrats or Hassan will tell you about this ‘deal’, it is not good for the Granite State. This expansion is still an unneeded expansion of a federal government program (Obamacare) in New Hampshire that will never end (despite the lie that it will stop when the federal funds dry up). New Hampshire taxpayers will be on the hook for millions upon millions of dollars to provide health insurance for able-bodied people who choose to work part-time and many (if not most) who already have private health insurance. As this author has already documented, Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion is far worse than you think. Since the majority of Granite Staters have always been against Obamacare, why is Hassan pushing for it in this state?

She also pushed the ‘Wage Gap’ lie that many of her fellow Democrats keep repeating in New Hampshire and across the country. Once again, she uses a bogus study to push a lie that women are not paid equally for the same work. Her Paycheck Fairness Act will hurt New Hampshire women in the workforce; it will wreak havoc on businesses and it will hurt the economy. Again, as this author has already documented, the Paycheck Fairness Act will set women back decades if passed.

Hassan continually spoke about creating a better economic environment for New Hampshire families. Most families would love for that to be the case but her words ring hollow. Expanding Obamacare’s Medicaid will necessarily inflict an income or sales tax on the Granite State in the future. Increasing the minimum wage will hurt low-income workers and kill job opportunities for unskilled labor. It will increase the cost of goods sold throughout the state which no family can afford at this point. The Paycheck Fairness Act will also hurt the economy as businesses will now have to pay thousands in legal fees to fight the frivolous lawsuits that will occur as a result (both men and women will be suing).

The Governor of New Hampshire is completely out-of-touch with Granite Staters and what it takes to move the state forward to economic freedom and success. She is putting her partisan ideology based on lies and historically proven false research before her constituents. While Hassan talked about ‘democracy’ she certainly isn’t thinking about it when she seeks to expand government; increase taxes and hurt New Hampshire women in the workforce all while decreasing the economic gains that New Hampshire could achieve.