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Hassan on Equal Pay: I’ll use the study that fits my false narrative

Tuesday the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce held a breakfast featuring Governor Hassan as the speaker. Hassan gave a ‘State of the State’ speech discussing topics from the unemployment rate and education to equal pay. This author was in attendance and asked the Governor why she continues to use the study that claims women earn .77 to a man’s $1.00 even though the study has been proven inaccurate by the Department of Labor. Her response was less than stellar.

Governor Hassan choose bogus study to push Equal Pay falsehood
Photo by Nashua Telegraph

Essentially Governor Hassan admitted she is choosing to use studies that push her false narrative that women don’t get paid equally as men. Rather than use factual evidence that proves her study is inaccurate and incorrect, Hassan would rather choose bogus facts to continue pushing women into believing they are somehow valued lesser than men for votes. This is not only egregious but this is hardly the behavior Granite Staters expect from their Governor. Yesterday Democrats the House continued Hassan’s lies about equal pay when they voted to pass the equal pay bill.

Facts matter and the facts have proven over and over again that women do indeed earn equal pay. What Democrats and Governor Hassan now admit is they don’t care about the facts. What they care about is continuing to ‘dumb down’ women into thinking they are as not worthy as men so Democrats can gain votes in the next election. Frankly, this is more dishonest and disingenuous than the debunked study Hassan continues to use. Once again, Granite Staters, especially women, deserve better.

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