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Has Tom Thomson "jumped the shark" by endorsing Walt Havenstein?

Today the Walt Havenstein campaign announced the endorsement for his run for Governor by Tom Thomson. Thomson is the man who wrote the Americans for Prosperity Pledge. Tom Thomson is an AFP-NH Honorary Chairman and son of former Governor Mel Thomson. According to AFP: “Each year, Tom Thomson proudly carries on this legendary tradition introduced by his father. Tom believes strongly in the conservative principles set forth in the pledge and invites all candidates for office in NH to demonstrate their support to those same principles by signing the pledge.”

Thomson curiously supports Havenstein despite his support of Obamacare
Photo by Kimberly Morin

This is where it seems to get confusing with Thomson’s support of Havenstein. Weeks ago Havenstein said he was against Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire. As he should be since the federal program not only hurts the most vulnerable in the state but will cause a necessary income or sales tax to be implemented in order to pay for it when the federal funds (aka taxpayer dollars) run out in a few years. Recently, Havenstein made statements saying that he would just keep it in place rather than repeal it.

The AFP pledge that candidates sign that was written by Thomson:

1. Cut Taxes and Fees and Oppose any Tax Increase
2. Cut Spending and the Size of Government
3. Pass a Right to Work Law in New Hampshire
4. Oppose all forms of ObamaCare in New Hampshire, including Medicaid expansion [emphasis added]
5. Uphold both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution

According to the endorsement on Havenstein’s website, Thomson said the following:

“I encourage republicans who want to elect a fiscal conservative in November to vote for Walt in the September 9th primary. Not only is Walt a principled fiscal conservative, but he is one of those exceptional candidates who has the business experience and know-how to put his principles into action. Walt will be able to make his commitment to reducing spending, cutting taxes and limiting the role of Government a reality.” [emphasis added]

This is mindboggling to say the least since New Hampshire hasn’t received the necessary waivers to implement the program and the majority of residents in the Granite State are against Obamacare. Since Thomson is supposedly the man who wrote the AFP pledge; it’s unclear why he would actually support the only Republican candidate for Governor who has stated he will keep it in place. If Thomson doesn't support Hemingway in the election, that is his choice but to support a candidate who is in direct opposition with your own pledge? The primary election is September 9th, it seems Thomson has “jumped the shark” a week before.

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