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Has social media taken the romance out of dating?

Social media and dating
Social media and dating

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social media?

Are you one of those individuals that sends text messages for everything? Has your cell phone taken a back seat when it comes to using it to make a phone call to communicate? If this is the case then you are one of millions of individuals who have totally allowed social media to be your main source of communication.

When it comes to dating there are some people who have hooked up as a result of meeting on dating websites like eharmony, christian mingle or black people meet. Or, as a result of seeing each other on Facebook or some other non-personal contact communication source. Before you even get a chance to meet the individual face to face you already know everything about them. If they are actually telling the truth about who they are in their profile and what's going on in their lives it's a match made in heaven.

Is this the new norm? I guess it depends on whom you ask. If this is the new norm when it comes to meeting and dating, what has happened to the romance when it comes to meeting someone?

For some individuals (and depending on how old you are) any other way to communicate is non existent. Using a cell phone to make a call, who does that when you can video chat or skype.

The good old days of meeting someone in person, locking eyes from across the room and being inseparable because you are trying to get to know this new person are not totally gone but pretty close to it. When it comes to being able to ask someone out on a date for the first time or otherwise chances are it will come via text. I guess in this case it can lessen the blow if the response to going on the date is NO.

Do you think individuals are lacking in interpersonal skills as a result of social media? Do you think that it's just as romantic to communicate by text just as it is when you talk face to face? idk. wdyt?

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