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Has our political arena moved to the Dog Park?

O.K. so our world really is going to the dogs. Over 100 political offices are looking at the incumbent for a day will be a dog, truth no joke. They are eye-catching, handsome, charismatic, intelligent, well versed in the office and have handlers; we are still discussing the dogs, of This is a sponsored event in 100 locations around the country to promote the education of humans.

In the Pacific NW we have Cooper, a Golden Retrieve with a past of being an unwanted puppy. Thought to be going nowhere fast, Cooper is now in the running for Mayor (oh, and did I mention he is also an assistance dog too.). There is Bear a Pomeranian with the qualities we all look for in our local government. Also a therapy dog, loyal family and looking for ways to improve his community. And there is Co Co a Poodle with stars to show, while taking on the lofty run at politics she is on vacation from her work in the areas of cultural and the arts.

The one common thread these contenders have in common is their community ties and loyalty to people. Each is focusing on providing a greater good to the community around them. Our human politicians should take notes and watch out; this may be the wave of the future. The attached video is for humor only, however with key words replaced may provide some assistance for all of us.

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