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Has Matteo Guidicelli officially confirmed his relationship with Sarah Geronimo?

Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli’s statement regarding the revelations made by his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo during the thanksgiving party of Star Cinema and Viva Films for the success of the movie “Maybe This Time” remains hot topic on social media. Incidentally, he is in the U.S. this evening, June 21, 2014 to join his fellow Filipinos in New York and New Jersey in the much-awaited PAFCOM Golf Tournament 2014.

Going back to Sarah’s recent announcement, some observers say Matteo should also say something about the issue, according to the netizens who are following his career; this is the right time for him to admit the relationship. In his past interviews, Matteo said in due time, he will reveal anything about the status of his relationship with Sarah, but like what the reports said, it was the pop princess who broke the ice and admitted her romance with the hunk actor.

Matteo has been given the chance to confirm the issue; in fact, he had several interviews with reporters these past few months, unfortunately, he failed to say his piece. Meanwhile, the reports and tweets regarding his statement on his girlfriend’s biggest revelation during the thanksgiving party of the movie “Maybe This Time” is circulating online this evening, according to Igi Bumagat, one of the AshMatts, the Cebuano hunk had an exclusive interview with the Kapamilya reporters in the U.S. while attending the PAFCOM 2014.

Igi did not give any detailed information regarding the interview, but based on his posted message on Instagram, it was about Sarah Geronimo. Matteo became the talk of the town when he courted Sarah during their stay in the U.S. for a concert series last year, since then, rumors didn’t stop. When they came back to Manila after the concert series, they decided not to talk about their blossoming romance, they only said they are just friends.

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