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Has marriage become obsolete?

Milwaukee marriages declining
Milwaukee marriages declining
James Steidl

Across the United States there has been a significant decline in the number of people getting married. Here in Milwaukee since the year 2000 there has been a sharp decline. In the year 2000 there were about 164,875 married males and 163,040 married females.

The most recent statistics show that the number of married men in Milwaukee has dropped to about 147,431 and 147,083 for women. Clearly the marriage numbers are dropping. The question is why?

One reason might be that the definition of what constitutes a family has changed. While at one time a family was considered to be one if it included a mother, father and child(ren) today a family can be a single mom or dad and child(ren).

In addition, less people are taking the walk down the aisle and committing their lives to one person. It could be that the idea of cohabitating together has more appeal. It may be easier to maintain a relationship if there aren’t strict ties with one another.

While our society shifts and changes there may be a growing unrest about the necessity for family. Yet marriage has its definite benefits. It provides stability and security that can’t necessarily be duplicated in other types of family arrangements.

Some believe that marriage is becoming obsolete, however, there may be false assumptions being made. The idea of happily ever after seems too far-fetched in the minds of many.

Yet sticking together through good times and bad, through highs and lows can be a real demonstration of strength and character. Perhaps if better examples were offered to the younger generation they might be more willing to make the commitment.


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