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Has chemical warfare been launched in the Black community?


Has chemical warfare been launched in the Black community? The violence in the Black community, could it be coming from a source we never considered?

I know it’s hard for people to believe my title, but when you come from a race that was a part of the Tuskegee Experiment, you can’t put anything off as just hearsay. I have been following the violence in the Black community for over 20 years. As a youth growing up in Chicago, I could never figure out what happened to me and my friends I grew up with that made us one day decide to start shooting at each other. I watched boys grow up into men and form armies that killed people that they once went with to kindergarten.

I have heard people from Prince, the singer to Dick Gregory, the activist talk about Chemtrails, Manganese and the effects of lead on the human mind. I once heard Dick Gregory say that “In London, the reason the cops don’t carry guns is because it’s a known fact that lead being too close to the body on a regular basis could drive a human crazy.” He then talked about how the majority of police officers die from self-inflected wounds rather than being killed in the line duty. He attributed this to them carrying guns on their side for long periods of time. I don’t know how true this is and I am not a scientist but this did make some sense to me because, other than drugs coming into our communities in the form of crack, I seen the hood go crazy. I can remember the guns coming to my community before crack. I can remember getting guns for thirty dollars when I was twelve. In the 70’s and 80’s my hood was “the neighborhood” and yes we had problems but nothing like the late 80’s and 90’s and the violence continues to this day.

I think about the recent killing in Chicago. I think about how my city is viewed to be so violent. The reality is people in those communities love each other. There are a few bad apples that do foolishness that get all the attention. I have seen documentaries on Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords from Chicago doing terrible crimes. I never saw the footage the media has of the leader of these gangs in Dixie penitentiary talking about uniting the young people and getting them to stop selling drugs, gang banging and killing each other because he realized in his life, it was not worth it. I do know that after these kinds of conversations people like Gator Bradley will try to legitimize the Gangster Disciples and make them into a positive outfit. I know he gets no media attention and no assistance from the government. Why is this? I know as a youth in Chicago I saw the Vice Lords open Tasty Freeze. I saw the El Rukins (Black Stones) purchase real estate. I then saw the media and government swiftly move in to portray these institutions as bad. I am not saying we should applaud ex-convicts or drug dealers but in America we do.

The founders of this country were convicts and one of the most powerful families in the country, the Kennedy’s, built their wealth and power from illegal alcohol. I am just saying everyone gets to make their wrongs right but our wrongs are forced on us and then everyone says, “Wow look how violent Black people are.”

I often ask, ”Where do the youth get all these sophisticated weapons? Where do they get all these drugs that come from other countries? If this were going on in other communities would it be considered an epidemic?” Well if you look at Methamphetamines (Meth) and how it’s being treated you can see the difference. There is no harsh sentencing for having it, yet help programs have popped up everywhere and the government is doing a study in Minnesota to find a cure for people who are hooked. I will just say Black people aren’t known to do Meth but it’s a major problem and unlike crack, it hasn’t been destroying lives, families and communities for the last 20 years.

I know gentrification is going on in my community on the Southside of Chicago all the way to Harlem on 125th street. I see it happening here in Atlanta with the West end and all the historic areas in Georgia. I see people being put on reservations in Clayton County and no one is saying a thing. Where Black people are living, the property values go down and then White people come in and buy up the property dirt-cheap and all of a sudden the government has programs for people in low-income areas to fix up homes.

  Jasmine Lynn, was a Spelman student in her 20s from Kansas City, MO killed on Sept 3rdI look at the young girl killed at Spellman College and I wonder if this is a part of a larger plot on the community. I look at all the killing and say to myself, “What is going on?” We would always joke and say, ‘when we were younger we fought with our hands but these young cats just shoot and run.’ I never understood until I got older and I know a lot of my friends see what’s going on. The problem is most of them are in jail or dead when they realize the game. I write and do what I do for them. I survived, I got out, and I know the truth. I know it takes more than just going to school and getting a job for communities to change.

I am not a conspiracy theorist just a realist. I know the history of the Tuskegee experiment; I know about the real Rick Ross and crack being put in our communities. I know about the government moving Black and Brown people out of their communities to areas far out from the city. This weakens the vote in the city when voting for Mayors, killing the chance for Black or Brown Mayors and Aldermen. I know how we are powerless because we own nothing in our communities. Did you know that Arab Muslims, Asians and Jews sell things in our community that is sold nowhere else? If you go to other communities you will never find some of the sweet filled sugar juices that are sold in our communities or snacks with high levels of sugars and chemicals like red 40, yellow05. What are these chemicals? I find it interesting that none of these groups eat the stuff they sell us like Muslims and Jews selling pork to us but they know the truth of that meat and they don’t sell it or eat it in their communities.

In the end do I believe the Government put Crack in our communities, set up the prison system for us, singled out our communities for failed mortgage-real estate ventures and that they are spraying chemicals over us that make us violent, like Chemtrails, Manganese or lead. The only proof is on the Internet and not on television. I know people in my own community will argue with me because it’s not on TV. They don’t understand that the news outlets are owned by about 5or6 families and they are tied with the same organizations that did all the previous things I mentioned earlier in our communities so I don’t think they will tell on themselves.

They say everyone on the internet is just a conspiracy theorist or crazy folks. I won’t claim to be either, however, I am more inclined to believe the internet folks since it’s at least the thoughts of more that 5-6 families. I believe the government of the United States is against anyone who is trying to educate our society and tell truth. This government labeled Dr. King the most peaceful man in the world as the most dangerous man alive when he stopped talking about dreams and started talking about the realities of a fake (Vietnam) war killing poor people, a bounced check given to African Americans (40 acres and a mule) and the homeless problem in such a so called rich country. The Black preachers we praise today even turned their back on him. I believe as the Quran and the Bible say, be prayerful but also be watchful. Until Truth Prevail my Eyes will be watching.

Below are videos and links regarding the chemicals destroying our communities:

Dying to Learn, the Effects of Lead on Inner City Children is the first documentary short film produced by the youth media group, INTELLIGENTSEEDZ.


The Ultimate Chemtrails Proof - You can not deny this...

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  • Sure... 5 years ago

    So now it's lead that is to blame for black violence, oh I see...

  • Tammy Overstreet, Polk County Crime Examiner 5 years ago

    Your article is interesting to me for several reasons,and while you see this as a "black thing", I see this as a "people thing".
    I do not doubt for one minute the capability of our government to poison and control, between 1907 and 1963,over 64,000 people were forcibly sterilized under eugenic legislation in the US. The US provided the inspiration for the Nazi movement. I grew up in a town where Agent Orange was manufactured, I played in the creeks adjacent to the plant that is now an EPA Superfund site. Birth defects rank high in my area. Mount Weather is a real place where a shelter for our leader is not the only purpose, read up on it if you haven't already. In the end, the quest for a perfect race as well as the quest for power will ultimately destroy us all, red, yellow, black and white. I, my friend..will go peacefully, for only after the destruction of all human race will earth once again regain her beauty and innocence, that has been lost in the chaos. Until then..Peace!

  • kind spirit 5 years ago

    I appreciate a diversified take on everything. Otherwise, I'm using tunnel vision, adhearing to my own prejudices, and closing my mind. Thank you for your perspective(s)

  • kind spirit 5 years ago

    Thank you Tammy. I agree without reservation.

  • Reader 5 years ago

    In trying to breed a tamer, less aggressive, more manageable fox for the fur industry, it was found that the resulting breed had a lighter colored fur due to less melanin. Draw your own correlation about skin color and violence.