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Has anyone seen the limo?

Reddy?  Set.  Go.
Reddy? Set. Go.
Gary Donihoo- F-8 Studios

It was the perfect night. Everything was executed flawlessly and now you are exhausted. Ready to head back to the Hotel Crescent for your first night as husband and wife- too bad your limo didn’t show up. It happens all the time. Why? It’s so common, when overwhelmed with the enormous costs associated with a wedding to cut corners somewhere.
The price of transportation varies quite a bit from company to company- so it’s tempting to let price dictate your choice. As with all aspects of your event, you will get what you pay for, and in the case of transportation you might not get what you paid for. So, when shopping for transportation, Terry Reddy, of Reddy Transportation suggests you- inquire about licensing, bonding and insurance- get references and call them. Where they timely, professional and safe? Keeping in mind- they are carrying precious cargo!
A quality transportation service can really help to take the burden off of you during the wedding week. Hire someone to fetch your guests from the airport and deliver them to their hotel instead of making repeated trips in frustrating Dallas traffic. Secure a bus to transfer guests from the hotels to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and then back to the hotel. Likewise for the day of the wedding. Imagine what you could do with all the time you save?
Reddy Transportation offers luxury transport such as the Bentley Arnage, limousine buses which feature plasma screens, sedans and white or black limousines. If you are getting married on a Saturday, I recommend you do not wait until the month before your wedding to secure transportation. Expect a limousine company to charge a minimum number of hours for service and some do not offer transfer service (one venue to the other without paying a minimum).
One hint- big companies come with big overhead and are less likely to be able to negotiate. As with most vendors in the wedding industry- Saturday evenings are premium nights- so you can expect to pay more on that night than any other.

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