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Harvey Bullock still supplies 'Gotham' with growing character

Donal Logue portrays GCPD detective Harvey Bullock for the upcoming series 'Gotham'.

Fox's "Gotham" is shaping up not to be Batman's type of "Smallville". Already on the budding interest radar for new comic book television its premise focuses on a James Gordon during his detective years. The developing show scores Ben McKenzie in the casting, the "Southland" actor able to make the unflinchable glare and square jawed tenacity an immersable attribute on the hard-driven streetwise cop procedural from TNT for 3 seasons.

But at the latest its the news of a first series shot of Harvey Bullock, under the portrayal by Donal Logue. Deadline ran this photo on its release just prior to the weekend. Logue is seen bearing the lackadaisical attire the gruff and grouchy but capable Gotham City Detective is known to have in trait.

Logue has been seen playing the atypical captain of detectives on "Life" or private eye during "Terriers". In

Before this still's release it was news of a young Bruce Wayne that brought illuminative attention to the upcoming show. Despite the manner of a young Wayne and his progression into becoming Gotham's poignant crime fighting protector isn't the lens the way a young Clark Kent was a pivotal for "Smallville", the role going to David Mazouz extends that story focus on a Gordon promoted from uniform patrol to detective still has the pre-Batman tenets shifting canon backgrounds before Knight comes the full enveloper.

All the while "Gotham" has a molding clarity on how good the show might become via the so far casting.

Mazouz joins the widely versed Jada Pinkett Smith ("Reign Over Me", "Collateral"), not too long a while known in television for her likewise TNT drama "Hawthorne". Pinkett Smith will be playing Fish Mooney. A role that Deadline describes as "an imposing hotheaded and notoriously sadistic gangster boss".

Likewise in a fictional detective also recognized at being well-known in television and film, Bullock has been a role attaining mainstream popularity from TV's sensational "Batman: The Animated Series", where he was voiced by Robert Costanzo ("Saturday Night Fever", "Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn").

In the Academy Award nominated and winning film "The Dark Knight", Arnold Flass was Bullock. The movie inaugural playing the role first seen in live action through Tim Burton's "Batman" was in portrayal by William Michael Hootkins ("The Tomorrow People", "Raiders of the Lost Ark").

"Gotham" will air on NBC.


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