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Harvey at The Carnegie is A Pure Delight!

The Carnegie

The Carnegie in Covington Ky. just opened a delightful comedy called Harvey. It is based on the story by Mary Chase about a gentleman Elwood P. Dowd. A man from an upstanding family, good reputation, he is friendly, and well-liked by all. He sees the best in everyone and looks on the bright side of life. His sister Veta Louise Simmons and his niece Myrtle May Simmons live with him in the mansion he inherited. Veta and Myrtle believe that the mansion should belong to them. They are concerned status and position in the community. Elwood was an embarrassment to them, mainly because instead of being concerned about status he spends his days drinking in bars with regular people learning about their lives. Secondly, they see him as the disillusioned cause he believes he has a best friend who is a human-sized rabbit. He socializes with this rabbit has conversations with and introduces him to everyone. Veta seeks to get her brother committed to a sanitarium. The doctors there believe that she is the truly crazy one and release Elwood. The play continues with cat and mouse game antics, laughter, and joy that will that will leave you with a sense of amazement as you watch and experience.

This play was Directed by Buz Davis, who did a great job with this production and incredible cast.

Nathan Neorr as Elwood P. Dowd is brilliant, lively, funny and made you believe that there is good in all people.

Regina Pugh as Veta Louise-Simmons plays the character with distinction made the story believable, fun, and was a true professional.

Lisa DeRoberts as Myrtle May Simmons, shows the character’s vanities in a funny and humorous way. Well done!

The rest of the cast was witty, cheesy, and played off each other with skill. Hope to see all of them in future productions.

Harvey continues until April 27, 2014 with tickets ranging from $17- $24 dollars. More information is available at

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