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Harvey and the Buckets: New band on the scene makes big waves

Harvey and The Buckets
Harvey and The Buckets
Nick Petakas

With a lack of truly original bands on the scene that have the ability to entertain as well as tell a story, one band is doing both and gaining a lot of listeners at the same time.  Harvey and the Buckets was formed in the Spring of 2009 by singer/songwriter Nick Petakas and multi-instrumentalist David Bader.  After the two recorded some low budget home demos they decided to fill out the band with bassist Jason Selwood and drummer Ricky Fernandez.  Three months after the full band was together they went into the studio to record their first album, 'Queens and Criminals'.

The album will play to anyone that is a fan of bands such as Wilco, The Black Crowes, or Ryan Adams, but also has a sound that is new to Fort Lauderdale.  The songs lyrics tell stories and have meaning, and are filled out with sounds of slide guitars, mandolins, and other various instruments.  One such song, 'Janie', describes what it is like to transition into adulthood and determine a place for yourself.  This story is played out on top of beautiful chords and a quiet and lyrical slide guitar.

Harvey and the Buckets, still not a year old, has a promising future looming as independent artists and songwriters.  The quartet brings an honesty to their music that is often forgotten in a music scene dominated by younger bands with loud equipment. 

You can check out the band on their Facebook page or on their MySpace music page.