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Harvesting seeds for early start in Green Bay

When gardening is your passion and you live in Green Bay, it is important to start early. To do this many people in the area resort to ordering seeds from online companies instead of buying seeds from the local stores. Why? Simple most stores do not carry seeds in the dead of winter. But winter is the perfect time to start the garden. So what to do?

Well there is ordering online, saving your seeds from the year prior plants' or buy bulk from the local store in the spring and store some seeds until it is time to start indoors. Many of the locals go for harvesting seeds from plants they grew. This proves to be one of the easiest and economical ways to obtain the necessary seeds.

Above is an example of what to look for in plants. This a spinach plant gone to seed. Once a plant has gone to seed, all that is needed to do is harvest the seed, clean and dry it, and store it. To store make sure that it is in a air and moisture tight container in a dry and dark area. Don't forget to label it so you know what it is.



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