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Hartford Hoarder Died and Left Many Cats Needing Homes

43 cats are available for adoption at various shelters in CT (the cat shown is NOT from this article)
43 cats are available for adoption at various shelters in CT (the cat shown is NOT from this article)
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On January 10th, Officers were called to a home on 118 Bannister Street in Hartford, CT because neighbors were complaining of a terrible smell coming from the home, and that the home was over run with possibly over 100 cats. When officers arrived, they could not enter the home due to the intense odor of urine and feces and death.

Firefighters went into the home wearing airpacks and set up fans and opened windows to air the home out. Discovered inside the home were many live cats, 2 birds and many dead cats in squalid conditions. Also found within the home was Anthony J. Arena, 50, who was dead for an indeterminate amount of time. A woman was also inside the home and is unidentified. She remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The medical examiner suspects a drug overdose in the death of Mr. Arena, but toxocology reports have not yet come in. The homeowner and Arena’s mother, Elizabeth C. Arena, 74, passed away back on Dec. 2, 2012.

43 cats and the 2 birds were taken from the home. All cats have been examined and test negative for feline leukemia and AIDS. The birds have already been placed, but the cats, which range in age from 3 months old to 10 years old, are available for adoption from the following shelters:

•Whiskers Animal Shelter, 342 Lathrop Road, Plainfield; 860-564-7138

•Protectors of Animals, 144 Main St., East Hartford; 860-569-0722

•Our Companions, 46 Floeting Road, Ashford; 860-477-0988

•Animal Nation, Norwalk; email

•Connecticut Humane Society, 701 Russell Road, Newington; 860-666-3337

•Wolcott Animal Control, 775 Boundline Road, Wolcott; 203-879-2579

•Willington Animal Control, 40 Old Farms Rd, Willington; 860-428-4422

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