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‘Hart of Dixie’ season finale: Will Zoe and Wade get a ‘Second Chance’?

"Hart of Dixie" Wade and Zoe
"Hart of Dixie" Wade and Zoe
The CW "Hart of Dixie" Facebook

Will Zoe and Wade get another chance? That question may be answered on the season finale of “Hart of Dixie” titled, “Second Chance,” airing tonight, Friday, May 16 on The CW.

Previously on “Hart of Dixie,” Wade and Zoe became friends again after Earl, Wade’s father, got injured. Zoe and Wade had to work together to ensure Earl would be all right.

Afterwards, Wade admitted to Zoe that she was right about everything. He also told Zoe that he was offered the opportunity to franchise the Rammer Jammer. At first, she was really excited for Wade, but then he told her that he is going to be moving to Atlanta to open the next Rammer Jammer location, and he doesn’t know when he'll be coming back to Bluebell. They stare at each other, and Wade even appears to gulp. Zoe forces herself to say that she’s happy for him. After Wade wishes her goodnight, she turns and just stares at him as he walks away…

The promo for “Second Chance” hints at a possible reunion for the former Bluebell couple. Zoe and Wade are shown dancing hand-in-hand. Later, Zoe is seen talking to someone on the phone, expressing her unhappiness that Wade is leaving. Zoe stares longingly at Wade when he’s not looking, and then when she’s giving a speech, she utters the words, “I love you,” as she’s staring right at him. Wade returns the look with one of his stunned, vulnerable gazes that he always seems to have when Zoe says something that he can’t believe she’s saying, but he’s so happy she’s saying it… Awww.

Will Wade leave town in a manner similar to how Zoe left town in last year’s season finale? Here’s hoping the aptly titled “Second Chance” lets Zade, the nickname fans like to call them, have a second chance.

“Hart of Dixie” season three airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

“Hart of Dixie” was renewed for a fourth season to be aired mid-season on The CW.

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