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‘Hart of Dixie’ season finale ‘Second Chance’ (spoilers); Recap ‘Stuck’

"Hart of Dixie" season 3, episode 21 "Stuck"
"Hart of Dixie" season 3, episode 21 "Stuck"
Mike Yarish/The CW

The “Hart of Dixie” season finale “Second Chance” airs tonight, Friday, May 16 on The CW. According to the promo for this episode, it’s quite possible that Zoe and Wade will be getting a “second chance” if Zoe is really telling Wade that she loves him like the preview indicates. (Here’s hoping…Fingers crossed.)

Here’s a recap of last week’s episode, “Stuck,” which was a game changer for Zoe and Wade. (A synopsis for “Second Chance” follows the recap.)

“Zoe Hart, Love Maker”

When “Stuck” began, things were still a little rocky between Wade and Zoe. Both were asked by Brando to do a reading at his and Sylvie’s wedding. Yes, Zoe’s relative and Joel’s relative are getting married. Zoe and Wade are in agreement with each other…neither of them wants to do a reading with the other. Since Brando and Sylvie met because of Zoe, Brando refers to Zoe as “Zoe Hart, Love Maker.” With that thought in her mind, Zoe decides to play matchmaker again.

When Wade’s father comes to see Zoe for a checkup, she knows something is up. She finds out that Earl quit drinking a month prior because of his feelings for the health inspector, Mae Ellen Waterloo, so Zoe, believing that people can change and that anything is possible, helps Earl gain the courage to ask her out even though Wade advises against it since he’s always known his dad as a drunk.

When Earl is late for his date with Mae, Zoe heads to Earl’s place, sees an empty liquor bottle and then ends up falling into a ditch that Earl dug as a booby-trap. That is where she finds Earl. Earl tells Zoe that he was nervous about his date and almost took a drink, so he spilled out the bottle, and took a walk to clear his head. He then ended up falling into his own booby-trap sober. Good thing Wade comes by. After he gets a ladder and makes some sarcastic, Wade-like comments, his tone becomes more serious and concerned when Earl winces in pain and passes out. Zoe discovers that Earl has a fracture cutting off circulation to his foot. Zoe and Wade work together to pop the bone back into place and Earl’s ok.

Later, Wade tells Zoe that his dad is feeling better, and that he’s already complaining about the hospital food. He also thanks her and tells her that he knows she was right about everything. Zoe tells Wade that she’d be ok with reading together at Brando’s wedding, but then Wade tells her that he’d love to do that if he was going to the wedding. Zoe thinks he doesn’t want to go because of Vivian, and he says no. He tells her that he was given the opportunity to franchise the Rammer Jammer. At first, she’s excited for him, but then she finds out that he’s leaving Bluebell and going to Atlanta, and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Both look longingly at each other, and Wade even appears to gulp as he’s staring at Zoe. Zoe quickly says that she’s happy for him, but she doesn’t look all that happy. After Wade wishes Zoe a good night, she turns around as he walks away, and just stares at him.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Bluebell:

Three weddings and a proposal

In order to book a wedding for a socialite, Lemon goes on a mission to get some photos for Fancie’s website. When she accidentally finds out that Davis is proposing to AnnaBeth, she offers Fancie’s dining room to him as a romantic setting for his proposal and tells him that she’ll even take photos. That’s Lemon. Always thinking. Lemon also has three wedding-type events lined up for the next week – Brando Wilkes and Sylvia, Crickett and Stanley are renewing their vows, and out of nowhere, Meatball and Lilly Ann announce they are getting married too.

Unfortunately for Lemon, just as Davis is proposing to AB, Fancie’s goes up in flames, the sprinklers go on, and Fancie’s is soaked. Lemon’s grandmother, who is in town pushing Lemon to go on a debutante cruise, taunts a drenched Lemon about her life going up in flames. As far as AB’s answer…she never gave one. Wait until Lavon finds out about Davis’ proposal…

Magnolia is jealous of...Rose

Magnolia is home, and she ends up becoming jealous of Rose. Who would’ve guessed that would ever happen? Rather than have dinner with Magnolia, Brock chooses to talk doctor with Rose instead, but Rose convinces him that maybe, this time Magnolia is right. Why is Rose talking doctor? She has decided to become one.

Play Ping –Pong

After the freeway sign is vandalized, Lavon looks at the graffiti as an opportunity. He’s always hated that Bluebell was listed last, so with George’s help, the two seek out changing the town order. When the comptroller arrives for a meeting with Lavon and George, he hopes they don’t mind that he brought a guest. Of course…it’s Mayor Gainey of Fillmore, who also called him to discuss the exit sign since Filmore is currently listed second on the three town sign.

The comptroller decides that Lavon and Gainey will settle their argument over a round of ping – pong. Gainey ends up winning the competition, but when George goes to shake his hand, he discovers something. The red paint on Gainey’s hand matches the red paint on the sign. At first, Gainey doesn’t admit to the vandalism, but then the comptroller yells and Mayor Gainey just cries about how much he loves his town. Bluebell will get top billing.

Looking ahead, here is the synopsis released by The CW for “Second Chance,” as reported by KSiteTV:

“IT’S NOT TOO LATE — Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tries to be a supportive friend to Wade (Wilson Bethel), but when she makes a grand gesture, Wade is forced to make a tough decision about his future with the Rammer Jammer and BlueBell. Lavon (Cress Williams) and George (Scott Porter) meet their hero Don Todd (guest star Reggie Hayes, “Girlfriends”), who helps them see things in their life more clearly. Grandma Bettie (guest star Maree Cheatham) tries to convince Lemon (Jaime King) that she has to take her search for a suitable husband more seriously. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is trying to picture her future with Davis (guest star Barry Watson).”

Hart of Dixie” season three airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

“Hart of Dixie” was renewed for a fourth season to be aired mid-season on The CW.

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