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‘Hart of Dixie’ season 4 spoilers; Romance in Bluebell seen on season 3 finale

Jaime King will return to Hart of Dixie in season four
Photo by Rachel Murray

Fans of “Hart of Dixie” will feel the romance in the air for the season finale of the popular show. On Friday night the viewers will get to see the town come together and everyone might be feeling a bit romantic after seeing all the couples come to some conclusion with their relationships. According to Yahoo TV on Friday, the show is expected to get back to the relationships that really had value and meaning.

While fans ponder how that might play out, there is no doubt the relationships between Zoe, Wade, George, Lemon and Lavon are going to get plenty of screen time. Looking to bring the hometown values back to the viewers, the season finale is expected to tie a bow on top of the story nicely. Of course not every couple might get their perfect romantic pairing, but that can be worked out next season.

While the “Hart of Dixie” season finale puts some closure on the relationships that the couples have, it’s far from the last time the viewers will see the connections get closer. The new season is expected to further along the relationships, but it might be a while before the fans learn what is next for the character. The Epoch Times is reporting on Friday that the season has been renewed for a fourth season, but the show might not be seen until 2015 as it is a mid-season show.

So what might be the future of Zoe and Wade? This show has fans feeling like the couple is equivalent to a small town’s Romeo and Juliet and the next season could showcase how the two characters have grown. As for the rest of the couples on the show, they could see the romance increase too, but viewers are wondering if someone will decide to move away and throw off the perfect balance in Bluebell, Alabama.

The “Hart of Dixie” season finale airs on Friday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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