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'Hart of Dixie’ recap season 3 episode 20 ‘Together Again’

'Hart of Dixie’ recap season 3 episode 20 ‘Together Again’
'Hart of Dixie’ recap season 3 episode 20 ‘Together Again’
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There was a lot of togetherness on The CW’s “Hart of Dixie,” titled “Together Again,” which aired on Friday, May 2. Spoilers ahead in this recap of an episode full of shenanigans.

Lemonade (Lemon and Wade), Zorge (Zoe and George), the Truitts, a thief and a blogger

Fighting for forgiveness...George has a plan, unfortunately so does Zoe…

Wade is still angry with Zoe for his relationship problems, and Lemon is still angry with George for having sex in Fancie's kitchen, which got them a C on their health inspection. When Zoe goes to George asking for help with Wade and he refuses to help, she finds out that George is on a mission to track down a local food blogger to repair the damage he caused, and comes up with a plan of her own – (uh-oh) – to stalk George in order to get the blogger to review the Rammer Jammer, in hopes of repairing her friendship with Wade.

George’s calculations led him to a restaurant where he thought the blogger would be for lunch. When Zoe shows up and shares her plan, she tells George, "It’s no use arguing,” and adds, “I am here, and I’m not leaving. I would say that you could leave, only you can’t because I don’t know how to get home.” (Zoe. Zoe. Zoe.) When “the blogger” is spotted, both of them fight over him, crashing and tumbling into each other, flipping over a table in the process, each trying to get to him first. “The blogger” approaches them, and Zoe decides that George will give all of them a ride back to Bluebell and she’ll pick up her car later. (Hope she remembers how to get back there.)

Zoe’s plan backfires, as most of her plans often do, when the “blogger” tricks her and George into stopping to help “an injured deer,” and steals George’s truck with Zoe and George’s phones along with Zoe’s purse all inside. Bluebell is 11 miles away. Zoe’s retort, “Good thing I have my hiking shoes on.” Leopard high – heeled mini boots.

Lemonade play “hookie”

Meanwhile, Lemon decides that her and Wade should play “hookie,” and take the day off. He can pick where they go first, but nope, she says it can’t be a strip club at the same time that he suggests going to one. Wade brings Lemon to a taxidermy shop, and it is there that they stumble upon the real food blogger looking for directions. Lemon and Wade decide to work together, wanting the blogger to review both Fancie's and the Rammer Jammer, even though the blogger has never written two restaurant reviews in the same town before. (Teamwork and partnership equals success. Are you listening Zoe and George?) After the blogger visits both of their restaurants, he decides that yes, there’s a first time for everything, and he’ll review both Fancie's and the Rammer Jammer. “Even as competitors, we still make great partners,” Lemon says as she and Wade high-five.

Lemon and Wade’s “Hart” to “Hart”

Wade is drinking his sorrows away with Lemon by his side, missing Vivian and even her son. Lemon tells him that he can’t blame himself and he doesn’t, but then she also tells him that he can’t blame Zoe either. (It’s so nice that Lemon and Zoe are now girlfriends.) Lemon says, “I mean, there’s a lot of things that you can blame her for, but in this instance, it seems like you put her in a really terrible position, and she did her best. I mean, all she’s really guilty of is witnessing your heart get pounded. Again. Which probably reminds you of how much power she has over your heart in the first place.” (Wise words, Lemon.)

Closure for some fans, (but not others)

When George and Zoe decide to thumb it back to Bluebell, none other than Rudy Truitt pulls up, and offers to give them a ride. Once they are in his truck, he tells them that he and his brothers have been meaning to talk with them. Zoe and George are trapped.

Back at the Truitts, each brother blames George for breaking Tansy’s heart and sending her off into Scooter’s arms, and blames Zoe for allowing their muse, Joel, to leave town. The brothers start to think up a punishment, but George is able to convince them that neither he nor Zoe is guilty by saying that both him and Zoey had their hearts broken, and the guilty party is love. This saddens the brothers, and they decide to heal Zoe and George, but Zoe intervenes saying that their hearts are better now because they love each other. She kisses George and he returns the kiss, which pleases the brothers, who want to celebrate. George yells for them to run, and Zoe and George take off out of there.

George and Zoe are aching as they return back to Bluebell, and George says, “We actually made a pretty good team back there.” (Good job guys.) He also thinks they should talk about that kiss. Both agree that it was an amazing kiss. Both of them are now single for the first time, at the same time, and both agree that it would be easy for them to get together. George says, “But easy isn’t really your thing, is know, somewhere along the line, after I picked you up on the side of the road, I figured out that easy really isn’t my thing either.” Zoe asks, “Still glad you gave me that ride?” and George says, “Of course I am because Zoe Hart, that day I found a very good friend,” and he hopes, “It stays that way for a very long time.”


Now, that Zoe and George have established their relationship as just very good friends, George just had to ask Zoe, “Are you sure you did everything you did for Wade, just to show him what a good friend you are,” which she replies, “Yes,” and asks, “That’s why you did it for Lemon, right?” and George says, “Yes absolutely.” (Is that the look of denial on their faces?)

A human baby, a baby goat, and Shelby

Wanda and Tom are still trying to have a baby, but Wanda is ready to give up and just be a mother to her baby goat. Tom and Brick are ready to intervene when Wanda starts pushing a baby stroller around town. Guess who’s inside. Baby goat wearing a onesie.

Shelby is back in Bluebell and she brought her baby Ethel with her to meet her Uncle Brick. Their arrival sparks an idea inside Brick. The former couple makes dinner plans, and Brick arranges for Tom and Wanda to watch baby Ethel. Tom and Brick both hope to reignite Wanda’s desire to have a baby, a human one. Initially the plan backfires when Ethel cries, cries and cries some more, freaking out Tom and Wanda, but once the couple starts singing, the baby quiets down. Singing, of course. She is Shelby’s baby after all.

When Brick and Shelby are eating at Fancies, Shelby tells Brick that Ethel’s father and her are just friends, and she wants him back to his shock. Brick doesn’t think they are meant to be and tells her. Upon returning to pick up Ethel, Wanda doesn’t want to give up the baby. The plan worked. Her and Tom will keep trying to have a baby with Brick’s help.

Lavon and A.B.’s parents break-up

When AnnaBeth and Lavon run into each other, Lavon meets her new boyfriend and finds out that Davis is meeting A.B.’s parents. Lavon had been emailing Gerald and Dorie, but lately, he hasn’t heard from them. When Gerald and Dorie run into Lavon, both try to give Lavon the cold shoulder, but they can’t, and each hugs.

Meeting the parents doesn’t go smoothly for Davis, and things take a turn for the worst when Davis says that he thinks their treasured football will become obsolete in five years. Her parents leave to go take a nap, but head to Lavon’s house instead to hang out with him. When A.B. finds out, she is furious and has a talk with Lavon, who didn’t know that her parents lied. Lavon has a talk with AB’s parents and they basically break-up. As they are hugging their good-byes, Dorie jokes, “Well, on the bright side, at least we can go back to hating the Tide.” (The look on Lavon’s face is less than thrilled at the mention of them hating his former football team.)

Later, A.B., her parents, and Davis sit down to eat and are bonding when Lavon walks in. A.B. and Lavon exchange smiles. A.B. gives Lavon a nod of thanks, which he returns.

The bickering continues…

George is exhausted and wants to get some sleep when he enters his houseboat. To his surprise, there’s Lemon greeting him and accusing him of doing the walk of shame, but of course, he’s not in the mood. She shows him Fancie’s review to his shock, and says that it’s no thanks to him. Lemon says that she wished he cared about Fancie’s, and that sends him over the edge, and he yells for her to get out of his houseboat. She asks what’s gotten into him as he’s escorting her out, and then flops on his bed. (If she only knew.)

Let's rewind back to the beginning of the episode when Wade was so angry with Zoe that he even picked a fight with her over a hole that Joel dug. Wade kept tripping over it, so he wanted Zoe to fix it. (Of course, Wade could easily patch the hole, but then, he wouldn't have been able to blame Zoe.) Zoe tried to talk with Wade, telling him that she was trying to help him, but there was nothing that either one of them could do to keep Vivian from getting back together with her ex-husband. Wade told her that he sees that she was just trying to help, but says, “Let’s face facts. It’s probably better that I don’t interact with you or any of your relations.” Zoe says, “That’s not fair,” and he agrees, “Maybe not, but I probably should’ve adopted this policy five months ago, better yet, three years ago." (Ouch)

Forward to the end of the episode: As Zoe is walking home, barefoot, she is greeted by Wade’s grumbling after he trips over the hole again, annoyed that Zoe hasn’t fixed it yet. (Maybe, he's a little less annoyed with Zoe after his chat with Lemon?) She tells him that she was busy, and he’s like of course you were. Zoe, like George, isn’t in the mood, so she just goes off on Wade, un-apologizes and tells him that she doesn’t want to be friends anyway. “You know what,” she says, “You want help with that hole, here’s a tip, it’s always in the same place. It’s not moving around, trying to trick you, so why don’t you just watch where you’re going.” She then excuses herself since she needs to go lay down, but Wade’s not one to leave his sarcastic comments to himself plus he looks like he’s enjoying their little argument, as he retorts back, “Hey, if you want to, I can teach you how to do it, all right? It’s real easy, you just take dirt from one part of the ground and you move it to another.” (And the healing begins...hopefully.) “Ignorance is nothing to be afraid of Zoe Hart,” Wade says with that smirk of his, as he stumbles once again over the hole. Zoe is heard walking away, calling him an “idiot.”

"Hart of Dixie" airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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