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'Hart of Dixie' 3x09 preview: Zoe will try to stop things

"Hart of Dixie" is getting ready to return to CW for the second half of season three, and now fans are being given a look at the next episode, "Hart of Dixie" episode 3x09 titled "Something To Talk About." On Friday, Jan. 3, Spoilers Guide shared the photos released the episode.

During the episode, Zoe will not be happy to hear that Wade is ready to date someone new. The lucky girl is also someone close to Zoe, so she will do anything she can to stop it from happening. As for Lavon, George will help do anything he can to stop a merger of Bluebell with another town. In order to keep everyone in town in the dark about the merger, Zoe will enlist the help of Joel and Annabeth to cause a scandal to throw the town off.

E! Online recently revealed that someone will soon head to jail in Bluebell, and this could be connected to Zoe's scandal. The site shared the following:

Prepare for one of the most epic mug shots in TV history. One of our Bluebell residents will be facing some time in the slammer, and it will cause all kinds of chaos. Seriously, everyone on the Rammer Jammer will be talking about this crime. Curious? Well, let's just say that it involves boys, cars, and stolen property.

However, it is possible this will happen in a later episode as well. Anything is possible in the town of Bluebell. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of this series to CW? "Hart of Dixie" will return to CW on Jan. 13.

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