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Harry Styles' shirtless photos cause uproar over his tattoos and pimpled back

Harry Styles
Harry Styles
Getty Images

Shirtless photos of One Direction's Harry Styles, 18, have caused an uproar on the Internet, as people fiercely debate if he is attractive with all the new tattoos he has collected in the past year. The paparazzi photos, which The Sun published on January 7, 2013, show Styles wearing swim trunks in the British Virgin Islands, where he has been vacationing with his girlfriend Taylor Swift, 23. It's the first time that many people have seen the "shocking" way that Styles has changed his looks with all the tattoos, which are usually covered up when he's out in public.

The Sun published "before" and "after" shirtless photos of Styles. The "before" photo was taken in April 2012, when his torso was tattoo-free. But in January 2013, much of his torso is now covered with tattoos. One of the photos also shows his back covered in pimples. Styles, like many teenagers, has an acne problem.

One Direction has become the biggest global act to emerge from "The X Factor." As a world-famous boy band, One Direction is often followed by paparazzi, but Styles is the member of One Direction who has been getting the most paparazzi attention because of his playboy reputation. Styles dating another world-famous pop star (Swift) has increased the scrutiny that he's getting from the media.

As previously reported, a One Direction insider says that Styles is "addicted" to getting tattoos. He has gotten several of his tattoos at Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood, California.

Comments about how Styles has inked his body show that people either really love or really hate his new look. Many of the comments have been negative, with people frequently describing his tattoos as "ugly" and a shirtless Styles as looking like "a mess" and "trashy." Here's a sampling of what people have been saying on the Internet in reaction to these photos:

From Twitter:

"@harry_styles how can someone be so beautiful, yet so many awful tattoos."

"@Harry_Styles friendly reminder you have another arm you get all the tattoos on the same fricking arm."


From The Sun's comments section:

"Boy tries to make himself look manly by having tacky tats painted all over him. Guess what harry boy, it aint worked, you still look like a little boy."

"Has he tattooed himself. They look like a cry for help, but obviously there not, with his money."

"He could do with a session in the gym."

"He looks much cooler now than he did before."

"He looks like he fell asleep drunk and the rest of the band scrawled on him with permanent markers."

"How chavvy does he look?"

"What a nasty horrible mess he looks. Does he think he looks cool by any chance, cos I have news for him, he sure as hell don't!"

"Why does everyone have to look perfect? Why? to attract another human being who is as flawed as the next. Our society is becoming shallower by the day. Society has to stop becoming a slave to the media's idea of perfection, because it's all just a shallow pretense. Grow up and face the facts, we are getting older as each day passes, and our looks will fade along with our health. We are all ultimately just heading to our graves."

"Lets see how proud you are of them in 10 - 15 years when you are 15 kg over weight, hope you still have the guts to pose like that."

"Harry is allergic to good holsum women like current gf Taylor . The goodness of miss swift has brought Harry out in red bumps and ink stains.

"He's got more nipples than my dog!"

He never looked good but he looks worse than ever now."

"What the hell is the attraction with these 'celebs' wanting to cover themselves in tattooes making them look tacky and trashy chavs."

"Repulsive little boy trying to look like a grown up.

"The tit with the zits and the tats."

"My 18 year old brother in law is exactly the same he has covered himself in stupid tattoos if harry is anything like him i dont understand why all this 'grown' women fall at his feet..."

"A little boy desperately trying to be a man."

"Oh god the tatts arent even nice, yeah they mean something to him but there crap."

"I think he needs to sack who ever is doing his tats."

"Another dope joins the tatts brigade."

"His tats look here there and everywhere not even nice ones either."

"Fat little thing, isn't he? And the tattoos are horrendous-they look like a toddler drew them!!"

"Looks far better back in April..looks a bit grubby now. Mind you he is still only a teenager when all is said and done."

"That's very sad. NO one seems to have guided him. He looks like any other common type now, and it looks as if before we know where we are he'll be into drugs as well. It's a slippery slope when there is no one to guide you, and he IS only 18. He'll have the icing on the cake and be dating Chavy Cole or whatever that DREADFUL womans name is. She is the type that have brought the country down."

"Tats are tatty looking apart from the ship....too many looks awful no planning no thought & no style..."

"Wow a complete and utter idiot and mess."

"That tattoo of a ship looks bit greenish and smudged....Also some of the writing look loke just being done by pen. Not the finest collection to show off but at the end of the day it's his body and he can do what he wants with it...even make it looks ridiculous."

"Hunk? my arse! what a mess!"

"Yuk.hes not that pretty is he..silly boy and after these pictures lets hope that relationship with taylor comes to a SWIFT end if shes got any common sence,,foolish little boy..."

"I tell you what, i am 30 plus years older than him and have a better looking body. The tats look like they were done by a 10yo. Spots like that are caused by a bad diet. I like 1D I think they are nice lads, but Harry look i n the mirror and see yourself 20 years from now."

"This tats are awful... Am sure he will regret them when he's older... He is so young... he has got some that look like he's done them himself!!! That's the worst thing!!!"

"He who is without flaw, cast the first stone."

"You are a bit of a mess now Harry."

"I couldn't care less about his pimply back, what makes me cringe are that awful tattooes plastered all over him. He looks trashy and chavvy now."

"He is just a wee boy and will have spots and I don't mind tattoos BUT they all look to have been done by a very bad tattoo artist."

"Wow very unflattering! sorry Harry."

"Thats what happens when a young lad gets too much fame and money what a muppet."

"He looks worse than he used to - the tats are awful."

"It's annoying that people have nothing else better to do then put someone down because there body isn't perfect. A few pimples. So what, It's not like he can help it obviously. Just because he is famous doesn't mean he has to have an outstanding body. He is eighteen, he is going to make mistakes. He might regret the tattoos later but oh well let him. It's his body and life!"

"Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you actually saying that he shouldn't walk around shirtless because he has a couple pimples?! Are you serious?? That actually proves that he is a human being."

"Harry: you look simply awful not awesome. Keep the trademark T-shirts on!"

"Jeez what a bloody mess."

"Leave Harry alone ... Just becuase he has fame an fortune doesn't mean he isn't a human being!! Everyone has pimples!!!! It's natural we can help it!!! Look just leave him alone!! What if some one says on the Internet that u have. Huge nose or something so embarrassing to u u can't take it and just hurt inside. All we are asking is to give him and the other boys a break. Thanks!!!"

"This is ridiculous. he's a human being, why does it matter that he looks like a normal teenager?"

"HUNK"????? Jeez if that is a hunk then christ help all of us girlies!!! His tats are awful as well."

"That is ONE UGLY BOY... What does Taylor Swift see in him?"

"I do love a bit of originality, people who write and play their own music for instance. It says a great deal about the mindset of our manipulated and numb population that this guy's reckoned to be up there with Lennon and co, according to his accountants and Cynical Si that is. He's a gimmick living the dream without the input or artistic nous; I'd like to read something critically accurate and original in a newspaper about the difference between talent and hype, but it won't happen."

"Harry is obviously trying to shed is "Girl next door" image! Really he is an absolute watse of space along withe the rest of one direction."

"Leave the lad alone, he's enjoyinhg himself. We have all done odd things when we were young."

"Looks like a girl and if that is what qualifies as a hunk these days i feel sorry for the young women of today. Over rated, over hyped and as soon as him and his ilk drift off into obscurity the better."

"It's his body first of all and I still think he is gorgeous."


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