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Harry Styles fan fiction 'After' could be the next 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are love interests in the 'After' fanfic
Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are love interests in the 'After' fanfic
Liam Payne/Twitter

Harry Styles just might become the next Christian Grey, but "Fifty Shades of Grey" isn't already getting a remake aimed at the teen crowd. Instead a clever One Direction fan named Anna Todd decided to combine erotic fan fiction and her favorite 1D singer to create what would become a smash hit on the Wattpad platform.

According to a June 1 report by Sugarscape, Anna's fan fiction titled "After" has garnered over 800 million reads. It will hit bookshelves in November, and there's a possibility that it will become a movie. It's also getting the Jenny Trout treatment already, so you know it's a really big deal. The fanfic features some pretty steamy scenes, so there might be a massive controversy if the movie plans pan out – it's hard to imagine the mothers of Directioners taking their tweens to see a film that features Harry Styles having tons of kinky sex.

The "After" fanfic is a pretty naughty read. It tells the story of Tessa, a gorgeous girl who has just as many potential suitors as "Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine Anastasia Steele. Two of these suitors just happen to be named Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Oh, and Liam Payne becomes Tessa's BFF. However, the guys aren't members of a band – they're just college students. Anna Todd has re-imagined Harry as a hard-partying frat boy who always wears black. He has a lip ring, sleeps with ton girls, drinks a lot, and doesn't fall in love. But don't worry – he has a softer side. He likes to write, and he's a fan of old school chick lit like "Pride and Prejudice" and "Wuthering Heights."

Of course virgin Tessa is just the girl to melt his ice-cold heart, but it's not easy. Harry Styles does some really, really horrible things to her (most girls would find them unforgivable). However, much like Christian Grey, he's harboring a dark secret that's the source of his bad behavior. There are actually quite a few twists that you won't see coming.

Like "Fifty Shades of Grey," the fanfic is loaded with sex scenes, so it will be interesting to see what happens to these if "After" is turned into a movie. And will Harry Styles get to keep the One Direction singer's name, or will it have to be changed? So many "After" fans are already picturing Tessa's tortured love interest as the real Harry, so that is going to be one difficult role to cast. Characters based on Zayn Malik and Liam Payne also play very prominent roles in the fanfic, and Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are lesser characters.

Anna Todd has already revealed her pick for the role of Tessa: "Blue Lagoon" remake star Indiana Evans. If Anna was an actress, she could probably play the role herself – the 25-year-old writer is a gorgeous girl, so it's not hard to imagine her winning Harry's heart (now that would be the ultimate fanfic writer's fantasy). For the role of Harry, Sugarscape is already suggesting a few Christian Grey favorites like Alex Pettyfer and Theo James.

Anna is currently working on the last few chapters of "After 3," so fans won't have to wait long to learn the fate of "Hessa." And for those who scoff at fan fiction, Anna offered a good explanation for why the incredibly popular genre is here to stay. "I think people want more," she said. "I want more of everything! If I’m reading 'Twilight,' I want more. I want an alternate universe. 'Fifty Shades' changed my entire life too, and I had the same feeling. When you're watching 1D YouTube videos and going to their concerts and tweeting them, there's always a desire for more - and there’s nothing like sitting down and spending time with them in the form of fan fiction."

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