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Harry Riley promises Operation American Spring is "bathed in prayer"

Harry Riley
Harry Riley

Despite constant promises to the contrary, far-right extremists are not liable to have any more success overthrowing the United States' government than Larry Klayman had last November.

One wannabe revolutionary, Paul Vallely, has already attempted to disown his entire record, while the other, Harry Riley, has demonstrated himself to be mathematically challenged to a severe degree.

During an appearance on a birther radio program last month, Riley tried to convince the listeners that his Operation American Spring campaign would actually succeed in overthrowing the Obama regime and could only come up with two examples of how his differs from the others:

#1: It has God's endorsement.

According to Riley, the protest is all but guaranteed to work thanks to the tireless efforts of "prayer warriors."

"It's an honorable movement, it's bathed in prayer," he insisted. "We've got a tab on our website where we've got a list of prayer warriors that are working every day in prayer for us. We're bathed—it's under God and we’re going to move up there and trust Him that it will work out because we believe it's noble, it's an honorable effort."

#2: Roughly 86% of the U.S. population participating.

According to Riley, "there's 267 million armed citizens in the United States," whom he evidently believes he can count on to participate in the OAS movement.

There are roughly 307 million people in the United States as a whole, fewer than 40% of whom own guns and more than half of whom voted for the man Riley plans to violently overthrow.

There's that pesky communist arithmetic again.

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