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Harry Reid: NFL should follow NBA, force Redskins to change name or else

Harry Reid says Redskins should be forced to change name.
Harry Reid says Redskins should be forced to change name.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the NFL should follow the NBA's lead and force the Washington Redskins to change its name, the Washington Examiner said.

“I wonder if they have taken notice of the NBA’s decisive action,” he said on the floor of the Senate. “How long will the [NFL] continue to do nothing ... as one of its teams bears a name that inflicts so much pain on Native Americans?”

Reid, the Examiner said, accused Redskins owner Daniel Snyder of using tradition as an excuse to keep the name. Snyder has so far refused to bow to liberal demagogues who demand he select a more politically-correct name they approve of.

“A tradition of racism is all that name leaves in its wake,” Reid added.

Reid used the example of the Wizards, a team formerly known as the "Bullets." The name was changed so as to mollify those concerned about the city's crime problem.

“The Wizards have a good name,” Reid said. “Don’t you think Daniel Snyder can come up with a name?”

On Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver slapped Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime ban over an audio recording of racist comments he reportedly made in the privacy of his home. Liberal speech police celebrated, but many have been left wondering who would be targeted next.

Some, like author Joyce Carol Oates -- hardly a conservative -- wondered if free speech is over in America. In one tweet, she invoked George Orwell, author of the classic "1984."

"Tragic pessimist George Orwell could not have foreseen that individuals would give up their freedom to be punitive Big Brother themselves," she tweeted.

Bernard Goldberg also wondered: "...[W]ho else among us has said things in the privacy of our homes that would get us in trouble if somebody recorded them and made our remarks public."

"How about this," he added. "If anyone – an accountant, a garbage man, an MSNBC host, a college professor, an attorney general, a president, a truck driver … anyone! … says something racist in the privacy of his or her home, and if it somehow becomes public information, that person should lose his or her job and his or her livelihood – because racist words cannot be tolerated in America, not in 2014."

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