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Harry Reid makes "deep trouble" plea to Democrats about midterm elections

Reid: Help me Mr. Wizard!
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It’s no secret in Washington circles the Democrats are in desperate trouble in this November’s midterm elections. But now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid revealed Friday that should be termed "deep trouble."

Reid, the firebrand in the U.S. Senate these days stemming from his outrageous comments, has even the most partisan Democrat blushing. He practically begged listeners to give money now. "The polls say it better than I ever could: We need you to make a contribution before midnight tonight,” he wailed.

The senior senator from Nevada has good reason to worry. The latest polls indicate Republican candidates are basically tied with their Democratic challengers in four key Senate races.

In North Carolina, Thom Tillis (R) and incumbent Kay Hagan (D) each have 41 percent of the vote; in Colorado, Cory Gardner (R) has 44 percent and incumbent Mark Udall (D) 45 percent; in Arkansas, Tom Cotton (R) has 42 percent and incumbent Mark Pryor (D) 43 percent; and in Alaska, Dan Sullivan (R) has 37 percent and Mark Begich (D) 42 percent.

Those four races have a Democratic incumbent running for their political life. The money Reid is pleading for will be spent on those races. The panic has set in due to GOP strategist Karl Rove’s disclosure on Fox the other night that the RNC is sending out $3.5 million in North Carolina; $2.8 million in Colorado; $1.7 million in Arizona; and $1.8 million in Arkansas.

The whining Reid said, "Karl Rove’s $10 million spending spree could put Republicans in the driver’s seat in the four states he’s targeting. Polling is close in 11 states, and only six seats protect us from Republican control over everything from health care reform to the Supreme Court. We’re matching all contributions 3-to-1 – but only until midnight tonight.''

It appears Sen. Reid is hearing footsteps. A Republic takeover of the Senate would dislodge Reid from his majority position in January, 2015 and transform the Washington political scene dramatically. "If we hit our goal tonight, that money will be answering attacks in Senate battlegrounds like North Carolina and Colorado come tomorrow morning. But if we fall short, Rove could seize the momentum, and we might not have time to get it back. Only you can stop Karl Rove and the Republicans. This is a key moment in our fight to keep our majority strong," Reid said.

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