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Harry Reid and cronies fail end run around Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

Harry Reid is the most divisive Senate leader in memory.
Harry Reid is the most divisive Senate leader in memory.

Religious freedom survived a huge constitutional test today when Democrats angry at the Supreme Court’s decision to protect Hobby Lobby’s religious objections for forcing abortion concocted a knee jerk poorly thought out bill just to slap back at the highest court in the land’s decision.

A vindictive bill orchestrated by Sens. Patty Murray, D-Washington, and Mark Udall, D-Colorado sponsored legislation that would force businesses, even those with religious objections, to fund all types of contraception. Basically it was a constitutional swipe at the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised to fast track this outrageous piece of legislation passed the normal approval protocols.

Not only was this an arrogant swipe at the separation of powers, but the bill would have gutted numerous pro-life laws that have passed and the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act approved by 97 senators.

How irrational was the measure that was attempted to be rammed through by Reid and cronies? Listen to what one nonpartisan observer told the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) in an interview released today to reporter Paul Strand,

"The bill sponsored by Sen. Murray and others will be the first bill in American history brought before the Senate to restrict rather than protect the fundamental constitutional right of religious freedom," said Nathan Diament, with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) of Jay Sekulo went into full battle mode to encourage supporters to contact their senators to vote against such an outlandish bill since Reid’s cohorts tried to quickly slam through their anti-religious measure before the general public knew what hit them.

In the vote today it was necessary for 60 senators to vote for the measure, but thanks to the some efficient work by a number of conservative groups, the bill fell short of the number required to push forward.

Reid and his short sighted abortion supporters did not care if religious freedom would have been dangerously eroded simply because their love of abortion would have forced participation for everyone. When one looks at the support given to the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act with a support of 97 senators, then inspect what narrowly almost took place today, one would be convinced that animosity towards religious freedom is at an all-time high.

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, was a co-sponsor of 1993 RFRA measure that won overwhelming support from Republicans and Democrats said,

“You’ve got to really think it through when you start infringing on religious freedom, the first freedom mentioned in our Bill of Rights”.

What Reid and angry senators did was a dangerous thing many casual observers noted. It could have generated a constitutional crisis far beyond their understanding.

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