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'Harry Potter,' Voldemort star, Ray Fiennes, does Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus'

'Harry Potter' Voldemort star, Ray Fiennes, does Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus'
'Harry Potter' Voldemort star, Ray Fiennes, does Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus'

'Harry Potter' Voldemort star, Ray Fiennes, does Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus' -- Actor Ray Fiennes appeared on Friday morning's The View program on ABC to speak about his new film, Coriolanus.

Ray Fiennes, known to many filmgoers as the evil "Voldemort," the opposition to boy wizard Harry Potter in the eight Harry Potter movies, is producer and director as well as star of the new Shakespearean adaptation. He performs the leading role. Asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg if he ever played Coriolanus on stage before, he said he has done so once.

Asked why he chose to bring this lesser-known Shakespearean drama to film, Mr. Fiennes said that the story is about challenging economic times and the need for political leadership. So, it was timely to our own age. He said screenwriter John Logan worked hard to strip down the story and chose the language carefully. Mr. Fiennes said he also tried to make his performance of the lines natural in order to make the film more accessible. Joy Behar had seen the film and said she found it accessible.

Co-stars in Coriolanus include Gerard Butler (asTullus Aufidius)and Vanessa Redgrave (as Volumnia).

Asked how he felt about the Harry Potter films now being over, Mr. Fiennes said, “I think there was a point where it had to end, and we’d reached that point.”

He added, “I think the films got more complex and better as they went on,” and said he had a great time making them, “especially the last two.”

Coriolanus opened in early December in New York and Los Angeles. The film will open nationally in January, 2012.

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