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Harry Potter's Dave Legeno: Hubris Manifestation Strikes Once Again

Despite his character coming from a world of non-mortals, Dave Legeno's untimely and avoidable end is a reminder for everyone that each of us are.
Despite his character coming from a world of non-mortals, Dave Legeno's untimely and avoidable end is a reminder for everyone that each of us are.

Dave Legeno:
Hubris Manifestation Strikes Once Again

By: Brad Kronen

Hubris – (noun) 1.) (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition or pride, ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin, 2.) To overestimate one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power, 3.) To believe one is equal to or above the jurisdiction of the Gods.

Over the last few years, I’ve felt the need to reference the aforementioned word defined above quite regularly. My first printed mention of “hubris” made me the most uncomfortable, by far, when I used the word to explain the actions of a man who came from one of the most well-known and celebrated families in the world, but whose life was extinguished just as his star of notoriety was beginning to rise – John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The only son of America’s slain President, JFK, died while flying his plane en route from New York to Cape Cod in July of 1999. Despite such deterrents as having to wear a cast from recent ankle surgery and not fully completing his pilot training, Mr. Kennedy still took it upon himself to fly his plane, almost colliding with an American Airlines passenger jet in the process.

It’s generally believed JFK Jr. underwent a phenomenon encountered by many an inexperienced pilot known as “Spatial Disorientation”. A condition where because the horizon cannot be readily determined, the pilot will become disoriented into thinking they are flying their plane straight up, when in actuality, the aircraft is steered straight down directly towards the ground, or in this case, right through the ocean’s surface. Kennedy’s presumptuous risk taking and inexperience resulted in not only him losing his life, but also ended the lives of the plane’s passengers as well, that being his wife, Carolyn, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette.

The next notorious event which compelled me to reference the “H” word once more was in 2010, when on September 27th of that year, one of Hollywood’s best editors, the right arm of all Quentin Tarantino films, Sally Menke, died while hiking in Griffith Park’s Bronson Canyon.

Ms. Menke’s death was truly a senseless tragedy, due it being completely avoidable. Despite that particular September day being logged as one of the year’s hottest with a Hades-like high of 113 degrees, along with the hiking area of choice being reputed for its lack of ventilation, one of Hollywood’s best talents still took it upon herself to go hiking, losing her life to heat stroke in the process.

Notably, Ms. Menke and Mr. Kennedy were both born beneath the same sign, the last of the Fire signs ruled by the planet of Luck and Good Fortune, Sagittarius.

Every display of hubris isn’t always lethal. Quite often the foolish actions of mortals who think they’re above the reproach of the Gods or of Human Justice or The Law are exposed for all to see in order to be memorable examples for the rest of us to mark and learn from.

When news broke in 2011 of the sex scandal between the Titan of action films, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family maid having a love child, I observed how The Terminator’s (now dubbed “The Sperminator” by the media) flagrant display of Hubris bore many similarities to another tryst of tawdriness which nearly impeached a President almost a decade earlier, with the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky debacle.

Observably, the political parties guilty of Hubris in both scandals d’sex were all born beneath the middle of the Fire signs, with Arnold, Bill, and Monica each being born under the egocentric sign of Leo, the Lion.

This, in turn, prompted me to write my 2 Part series back in 2011 entitled “Born beneath a Self-Combusting Sun”. Within that series I coined an astrological term which dealt with the physical embodiment of Hubris called “The Hubris Manifester”.

I theorized that if a person had a proclivity towards Hubris, and should that person commit the "H" word repeatedly, or in bigger and grander ways over time, then their personalized version of the word would literally manifest itself through a key astrological indicator in the person’s birth chart – their Moon placement by House and sign.

Case in point, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hubris Manifester was his natal Moon placed in the sign of Capricorn, in the 6th House of Daily Tasks & Servants.

The former Governor’s cover was blown when news got out of film star’s long term affair with a significantly older (Capricorn rules over the concepts of Age and Time) family domestic servant, or maid (the 6th House, also known as "The House of Servants" rules over cleaning but also those who do the cleaning, such as maids).

Which leads us to Tinsel Town’s most recent case of senseless loss.

Astrologically, Dave Legeno wasn’t your prototypical personality type prone to committing Hubris. In fact, he wasn’t even born beneath the Fiery element that’s most susceptible to submitting to the “H” word.

The man who played the scarily imposing werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, in the Harry Potter movies was born beneath the Peace loving and diplomatic sign of Libra, but just as juxtaposing, the 6’3 athlete was also a competitive boxer and mixed martial arts fighter who regularly fought in the MMA, as well.

Since his time of birth isn’t readily available, a proper birth chart cannot be cast, along with no clear House delineations, but what still can be determined are the signs each of the planets were placed in when Dave first entered this plane of existence.

But let’s start at the end before proceeding from the beginning…..

Dave Legeno’s body was found in a remote section of Death Valley by two hikers on the morning of July 6th. It’s generally believed the actor could very well have expired a few days prior to his body being found. The area was, in fact, so remote, a helicopter crew was needed to fly in order to retrieve Dave’s body.

Just so everyone is on the same sweltering page, Death Valley is one of, if not THE hottest spot on this entire planet. The highest temperature recorded there is the highest atmospheric air temperature ever recorded on earth, that being an oven likening 134 degrees in 1913.

Although temperatures didn't soar to those record heights two weeks ago, the average highs between the days of July 2 through July 6th of 2014 ranged between a withering 119 and 121 degrees.

Leading one to believe isn’t it generally assumed by all that Death Valley is neither fun for the whole family, nor the most “work-out” friendly of environments?

Returning once more to Dave Legeno's birth planets…..

Although in his 50th year, physical fitness was no cause of worry for the former MMA fighter with the still near perfect physique. However, when looking at a few of Dave’s birth planets as well as his “Hubris Manifester”, never having cause to worry about his physical well-being may very well have been the astrological cause behind the actor’s demise.

Three planetary clusters may help in explaining why anyone, no matter how sound in mind and physically fit in body would even attempt to go hiking in such a notoriously dangerous place during one of the hottest times of the year, and utterly by themselves….

Sun in Libra along with Venus in Libra at 29 degrees

Whereas Libra’s polar opposite sign of Aries is known as the fighter of the Zodiacal bunch, the sign of the Scales is the gracious Peace-making diplomat. Other planetary factors such as his Arien Jupiter and Scorpionic Mars indicate Dave Legeno’s boxing/fighting/martial arts capabilities, but when a boy is born with his Sun in Libra, along with Libra’s planetary ruler of Venus placed in the highly karmic last degree of that same sign, he more than likely was an extremely gentle and mild mannered child.

Speaking from pure astrological conjecture and gauging the fact that boys from most Western cultures born in the early 1960’s were taught to be anything but gentle and mild mannered, I would surmise Dave went to whatever extremes he could to display anything other than his natural Libran tendencies.

This theory is supported by our next 2 sets of planetary positionings.

Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

Dave Legeno wasn’t just an MMA competitor, the man would often fight in a closed cage environment. Cage fighters, along with those born with Mars in Scorpio, give it their very all with anything they do. When in fighting mode, these relentless types don't stop until someone goes down, usually with their face being the first thing hitting the floor (more likely than not the poor fool who got in the cage with them). Unfortunately, with Neptune, the planet of deception and illusion placed next to their Scorpionic Mars, that same person would at times overstep their bounds, bite off more than they could chew, or take on something or someone that no mere mortal could handle.

Such as hot spot places that transform to the inside of a microwave oven during the summer months.

Speaking of no mere mortals…..

Jupiter in Aries

With Jupiter being the most gargantuan space ball in all our Solar System, those born with the King of Planets placed in the sign of “Self”, Aries, will many times feel as if they're Superman!

Ask any parent of an Aries child, when put on a dare, these little daredevils almost always throw caution to the wind and go through with whatever dare they’re given, if not monitored.

When a person is born with Jupiter in Aries,the dare factor doesn't end upon leaving childhood – in fact, the more insane or irrational, the better.

Even with all of those risk factors put together, they still don’t pinpoint to a defined cause as to why a person would do any kind of physical activity, let alone hike, by themselves in an area which at the time averaged 119 degrees.

It all comes down to Dave Legeno’s Hubris Manifester.

As stated earlier, if a person pushes the envelope with repeated or ever larger displays of Hubris, their downfall will be indicated by their Hubris Manifester, which is the sign and House placement of their natal Moon.

Even though the House placement of his Moon isn’t known, the sign placement of the man who brought Fenrir Greyback to celluloid life is more than sufficient. At the time of Dave Legeno’s birth, the Moon was placed in the sign ruled by the Sun itself, Leo.

The power, might, and sheer heat of the Sun tragically snuffed out the life force of a man, who by all accounts, was well liked and loved, but displayed the Hubris of trying to surpass the world of mortals by hiking in the hottest place on the globe alone during the hottest time of the year.

Perpetual Light shine upon your soul, Dave Legeno. May your untimely end remind each of us that we are all mortal and as such, we are vulnerable, even to the very elements, themselves.

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