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Harry Devert body found Mexico: Missing tourist possibly found dead

A body has been found in Mexico that is believed to be the body of missing tourist Harry Devert. On Saturday, NY Daily News shared about this sad discovery that might finally give his family some closure. He was traveling across Latin America on his motorcycle back in January. His family quit hearing from him and now they are finally getting news six months later.

His green motorcycle was located next to a black plastic bag that had human remains in it. It was found at a Majahua beach in the township of Union Isidoro Montes de Oca. This is believed to be his body but at this time they are still just assuming. They also found marijuana and cocaine near the body. They were large packages more like the type that would be sold and not for personal use.

They are now comparing DNA and getting bone scrapings to compare and confirm if this is Harry Devert for sure or not. At this time, it is easy to assume that it is though. His mom is not totally convinced at this time that the body will be his though. She says that there is a known ranch that holds kidnapping victims. It sounds like she thinks that Harry could still be there and that they are using this to make police concentrate on something else.

According to ABC News, Harry was supposed to end his trip at the World Cup which is going on right now. Obviously he never made it there. The family is still holding out hope but things don't look great at the moment. Harry Devert had plans to finish up at the World Cup and then come home and start writing a book about his travels. It is crazy that they are finding what they believe to be his body at the exact time that he had planned to be heading back home.

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