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Harrisburg's American Posse is a must-see band

American Posse Logo
American Posse Logo
American Posse/The John Harris Group

American Posse is quickly becoming a must-see band on the Harrisburg club circuit.  They've spent the last two years playing the clubs and bars that matter in the Central PA music scene, and it shows in their tight musical performance and fantastic stage presence.  You have got to see them to believe them, and believe them you will.

Comprised of former members of Green Eggs, Creamsicle and Honeypump, American Posse knows how to deliver a superlative, entertaining show each time they take the stage.  Led by guitarist/lead vocalist Steve Nelson and the lovely and talented vocalist Shelby Nelson, the band knocks your socks off with a compelling mix of modern country, done in a style that is hard to emulate.  Their rhythm section of Phil Cannizzaro on bass and Trent Sprenkle on drums fill the room with thundering percussion and a solid bottom-end, making it easy to get your body moving, and John Fritchey is a fantastic lead guitarist.  Put it all together and you have the makings of a monster band, one worthy of spending your hard-earned cash to see. 

Check out their MySpace site for dates and updated information.  They are playing the West Shore Hardware Bar this Saturday (December 12), and they have a number of dates already in place for 2010. All things considered, American Posse is a band you have got to see live. One show and you will be part of the Posse.