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Harper Collins welcomes popular author Leigh Russell to its eBooks roster

English author Leigh Russell, whose books are increasing in popularity daily, is now under contract with HarperCollins’ e-books division. As of November of this year, Russell’s Detective Inspector (DI) Geraldine Steel’s series will be released in the e-book format. The first will be Cut Short, which introduces Steel, one of the most interesting detectives of all time. In the beginning, Steel finds herself in the tranquil town of Woolmarsh, or so she thought. Instead, young women are being murdered in the park, by a predator with more than a few screws loose. In the tradition of top tier authors, Russell created Steel out of her vivid imagination, but Steel is also is reminiscent of a special blend, extracted from the most admired detectives in the mystery genre. Readers will be motivated to become diehard fans, once they read their first Geraldine Steel novel.

Leigh Russell at a book signing in England.
Courtesy of Author Leigh Russell Private Collection
From l to r: Authors Lee Child and Leigh Russell
Courtesy of Author Leigh Russell Collection.

Following Cut Short will be Road Closed, which will be released on December 31st, ISBN: 9780062325617, Dead End on January 28th, 2014, ISBN: 9780062325631, and Death Bed on February 24th, 2014, ISBN: 9780062325655.
Leigh Russell is the mastermind behind the Geraldine Steel mystery series. Russell’s characters, plots and sub-plots merge into the perfect mystery books for mystery lovers. I wrote upon explaining why I selected Leigh Russell’s Dead End as one of the top 16 fiction books for 2012.
Leigh Russell expresses her feelings about America, “Rosa, I love America. I came to Florida for my honeymoon, which was wonderful, and visited New York in October 2001 after the attack on the World Trade Centre. A small group of us travelled to New York to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of America after the twin towers tragedy.
The author, Leigh Russell, “I am very excited that Harper Collins are publishing my books in the US, one a month, starting with Cut Short in November 2013. Harper Collins is a fantastic publisher and I am looking forward to visiting America before long to meet fans of mystery novels, and to promote the Geraldine Steel series.”

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