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Harness your internal energy through Ki

When I began my spiritual journey, my goal was to open my mind to new information and I recently achieved that through a documentary titled, Ki: The Science of Internal Energy. The documentary piqued my curiosity to learn more about the subject and I hope to pass some of my new knowledge on to you so you too dig deeper to gain information that will help you center your mind and body.

Ki is a system of Ki training exercises combined with breathing methods to channel Ki while strengthening the muscles and promoting discipline in the mind and body. Ki is an eternal energy, sometimes known as Chi. It is considered to be inside everything, and used at will. Ki uses visualization and meditation.

In Eastern cultures it is thought that Ki Energy is a natural and very effective way to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit. Since ancient times people have acknowledged the existence of a creative force/energy that is flowing through and sustaining all life. It is what makes our hearts beat and determines our vitality and life span.

Stefan Stenudd, an Aikido Instructor states on his website, “Since Ki is part of the word aikido, it is of great importance in practice. When we do aikido, it should be done with Ki as a prominent ingredient. Ki flows, and the path of this flow through an aikido technique is the actual technique - more so than any hand, arm or body movement. Ki comes first, and the body follows, like a boat floats on the current of a river.” For more information, go to his website at:

My spiritual journey has opened my mind to new information, techniques, and cultures. My goal is to share some of the information I have gained about Ki without boring you or overwhelming you. I hope I achieved my goal of piquing your interest to learn more about Ki and internal energy.

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